My Wrap of the 2018 Paddy Pallin

Posted on 17/06/2018 by Chris I really enjoyed the 2018 Paddy Pallin event at Kitchener. I had not rogained in the area before, but I look forward to competing there again if the opportunity arises.The course was interesting because it was large and very well mapped. The map included detail from three Newcastle Orienteering Clubs’ maps and it […]


What a great event was the Woronora Pipe Dreams Rogaine. Excellent map, fine conditions and some refined control placement. Today, comparing the 1:20,000 map with the 1:25,000 Socialgaine map of the same area from 2013 shows a huge amount of additional detail to help the night-time navigator. Congratulations and thanks to course setters Nicole and […]

My wrap of the “Woronora Pipe Dream” event.

I greatly enjoyed last night’s rogaine and thanks to everyone involved in making it happen. I have done over 90 NSW rogaines and this one certainly rates in my top 5. A number of factors contributed to this enjoyment: The course was really good, there were a lot of bush controls. It certainly was a […]

Wonder Compass

Buy the new compass.While stocks last. Post added 2020 NSW Rogaining has teamed up with to create a revolutionary new “wonder” compass. A traditional compass, in the hands of a skilled operator, will tell you which way to go. This new compass will not only tell you which way to go, but also the direction from […]

Are you a serious rogainer?

Are You a Serious Rogainer

Are you a Serious Rogainer? Gill Fowler and Jess Baker Dave Baldwin and Julie Quinn David Williams and Ronnie Taib Joel Mackay and Mike Hotchkis

Nobel Nyctophobia

Julian Ledger – 6 July 2019 So swiftly the sun sets in the sky You rise up and say goodbye to no one Fools rush in where angels fear to tread Jokerman Dance to the nightingale tune Bird fly high by the light of the moon Jokerman Sometimes my burden is more than I can […]

2013 – A great year for Rogaining in New South Wales

There is a bit of space at the front of our place and for the past few years it has been home to the two rogaining box trailers. They are known affectionately as the Admin trailer and the Catering trailer and act as mobile storage containers for all the stuff it takes to put on […]

Welcome to Rogaining – 2014 style

There’s a large bubble in my compass which has appeared from nowhere over summer.  However as the first two events of the year have both been on tracks it has not yet been an issue. The Boardwalk Bonanza Minigaine on the 29 March was at 1:10,000 scale and the detail of the Orienteering maps was […]

A Few Good Men (Team 97) and a lot of rain

Chris Stevenson The 2016 Paddy Pallin did not disappoint. The Bureau of Meteorology delivered the expected amount of rain. It rained 27.8mm during the 6 hours of the event. Looking around at the start there seemed to be three takes on how to dress for the weather: Wear very little and go hard to stay […]