Navigating Deceptive Lands in South Australia

I had heard how good rogaines were in South Australia but despite doing events in other States and Territories I had never made it to one in SA. The 2021 Australian Championships on the last weekend of May did not disappoint. Highlights included: • The mallee country 3 hours north from Adelaide • Huge map […]

Autumngaine 2021 – Spoilt for Choice (Nicole Mealing)

Oh where to go with our 12 hours? A look at the point distribution made it clear that we needed to go to the northern section and to the SW corner with some options through the western section depending on time. But I.could.not.resist the little cluster of points to the East. Sure the pine forest was sparse for […]

My wrap of the “Spoilt for Choice” Autumngaine

Thanks very much to Rick Cavicchioli, Tassia Kolesnikow, Mike Hotchkis and the rest of the organising team for putting on yesterday’s Autumngaine at Belanglo. We had been promised that we would be spoilt for choice and we certainly were. There were many different route options and about 70 controls to choose from. I always think […]

Wollongong Metrogaine

Great event. After 40+ years of orienteering and rogaining i got to have a beer on the course at the Mt Kembla pub! Well worth it. Thank you to all volunteers.

We need a wall!

Using these two sources of revenue I expect we should be able to fund our Wall in well less than a billion years and we will reap the benefits until the Sun destroys the earth shortly thereafter. Join our Protest I want … nay, expect… all NSW Rogainers to protest at the invasion of their precious and […]

Rogaining Makes Daytime TV

Studio 10 Rogaining Article

This was shot on the morning of Web 3rd Feb 2021 in Lindfield. This is a follow on from the recent feature on Rogaining in the Sydney Morning Herald on 16th Jan 16, 2021. Read SMH Article Here Tristan White and Sam Hussein Cooper and Kirsten Horley

The 57th Paddy Pallin Rogaine

57th Paddy Pallin Rogaine

For the last 57 years the Paddy Pallin organisation has combined with NSW Rogaining to put on a Rogaine. The Paddy Pallin rogaine is a special feature on the rogaining calendar since it is our most popular event and for the winners there are some good trophies to be won. For most of us who […]

Never Too Young for Lawyer Vine

You are never too young to experience the joys of lawyer vine which, after all, is an Australian native (Smilax australis) pest rather than an introduced one. Sophie, my daughter’s first experience with lawyer vine was in the 2015 Lake Maquarie rogaine when she was 8 years old. Yesterday was her 3rd Lake Macquarie rogaine […]

Them’s the Rules

Posted on 12/12/2016 by Chris At the most recent meeting of the NSW Rogaining Association Committee the issue of mis-punching electronic controls was discussed. By default the event software we use “RogaineScore” records the lowest score recorded by a team member so any mis-punches lower the entire team’s score. In the past we have been fairly generous in […]

My Wrap of the 2018 Paddy Pallin

Posted on 17/06/2018 by Chris I really enjoyed the 2018 Paddy Pallin event at Kitchener. I had not rogained in the area before, but I look forward to competing there again if the opportunity arises.The course was interesting because it was large and very well mapped. The map included detail from three Newcastle Orienteering Clubs’ maps and it […]