Map memory

What is Map Memory? Map memory, as defined for use in rogaining and orienteering, is the ability to look at a map and commit the relevant portion of the map to memory, it is said that this is useful for finding the next control without having to continually refer to the physical map. This is […]

James McArthur – The Untold Story of Naming Kosciuszko

James Macarthur - The Untold Story of Naming Koscuiszko

By John Anderson Well known NSW rogainer, John Anderson, has written and self-published a book about James Macarthur and his role in the bringing about the first ascent of Mt Kosciuszko. It sheds new light on Strzelecki’s climb to make it to the summit. I learnt from the book review that John has climbed Hannels […]

Paddy Pallin Rogainers by Age (Fighting in the middle ages)

In my previous post “Rogainers are Getting Older” I looked at the average age of rogainers and the fact that, on average, rogainers are getting older. This led to a number of questions like: If we have relatively more older rogainers which age groups are not coming? If we have a decline in some age […]

Rogainers are Getting Older

I had a chance meeting today with a rogainer who has recently turned 75, but is still a fine athlete. He (I’ll give that much away) still has the audacity to beat me from time to time. He was asking when we are going to have an over 75 category in our rogaines. I am […]

My Wrap of the 58th Paddy Pallin Rogaine

The 58th Paddy Pallin Rogaine was a lot of fun and it wasn’t just me who enjoyed it, everyone seemed to have a pretty good time. It was probably the most fun I have had since Trevor Gollan’s 2017 Karst Irony Autumngaine in Bungonia. So what makes an event fun and shouldn’t all events be […]

What we can do better part 1- Post Event

This is the first of a series of posts asking the question “What can we do better?”.  In order to keep the discussion brief and to the point I will be breaking the discussion up into a number of posts: Post-event Pre-event Course Setting and Mapping Catering During an event What can we do better […]

Navigating Deceptive Lands in South Australia

I had heard how good rogaines were in South Australia but despite doing events in other States and Territories I had never made it to one in SA. The 2021 Australian Championships on the last weekend of May did not disappoint. Highlights included: • The mallee country 3 hours north from Adelaide • Huge map […]

Autumngaine 2021 – Spoilt for Choice (Nicole Mealing)

Oh where to go with our 12 hours? A look at the point distribution made it clear that we needed to go to the northern section and to the SW corner with some options through the western section depending on time. But I.could.not.resist the little cluster of points to the East. Sure the pine forest was sparse for […]

My wrap of the “Spoilt for Choice” Autumngaine

Thanks very much to Rick Cavicchioli, Tassia Kolesnikow, Mike Hotchkis and the rest of the organising team for putting on yesterday’s Autumngaine at Belanglo. We had been promised that we would be spoilt for choice and we certainly were. There were many different route options and about 70 controls to choose from. I always think […]

Wollongong Metrogaine

Great event. After 40+ years of orienteering and rogaining i got to have a beer on the course at the Mt Kembla pub! Well worth it. Thank you to all volunteers.