Newsletter Highlights

Issue 1  -  November 1983

1983 Committee

President: Jeremy Challacombe, "Newholme", Tilbuster,via Armidale.
Vice- President: Bert VanNetten, 42 Charles St., Edgeworth.
Secretary/Treasurer lan Dempsey, 3/8 Mosbri Gres., Newcastle.
Committee:  Robyn Tuft, Peter Tuft, Gabriel MacGuire, Jeremy Challacombe,
Bert VanNetten, Dianne Van Netten, Ian Dempsey.

ARA Presidency

Congratulations to Jeremy Challacombe. Jeremy has just taken over as President of the Australian Rogaining Association. Neil Phillips, previous president since the A.R.A.'s inception, and a driving force behind the establishment of rogaining in Victoria and W.A., is moving to South Africa (will rogaining become an international sport?). Following the establishment of the N.S.W.R.A. in July, the A.R.A. have given us $50 to assist with our finances.

1983 Australian Rogaining Championships

A small group of  N.S.W. Rogainers travelled south to compete in this year's national titles held at Teneriffe, near Seymour in Victoria, on October 22/23. We were treated to a first class, well organised event, with over 350 competitors.

David Rowlands and David Church (Vic.) won the event, finding all the controls and still having an hour and a half to feed up at the hash house before us lesser mortals handed our control cards in. Apart from the glorious countryside, the two things that remain in the mind after this event are wet feet and electric fences.

Now, you'll be excused for thinking that electric fences are fairly simple, straight forward devices. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the usual type with electrified wire held out from the fence was there. No problem, its distinctive characteristics allow even the most casual fence observer to identify it immediately. However, the two other, lesser known varieties of electricus fencii came as somewhat of a surprise. The cunningly disguised species with an electrified barbed wire strand running along the top nipped many rogainers in the bud during the process of straddling it. The other variety, with several electrified strands running through the fence caught others in "no man's land", not sure whether to keep going or to retreat. Despite the unpleasant effects, encounters with electric fences can on personally recommended at 2am. as the perfect tonic when legs are weary and eyes have trouble staying open.

Ian Dempsey

12 Hour Spring Rogaine - Armidale - 19 November 1983

This was my first rogaine, but my partner, Ray Dawes, has been in several. The start area was at Jeremy Challacombe's  house, "Newholme", and was swarming with familiar faces from orienteering. When I saw Terry Farrell I knew we weren't going to win! In my excitement  I managed to leave two controls off the map. I didn't discover the omissions until Ray suggested heading for a blank spot on the map. I find running with a pack awkward, however we walked most of the times truly relaxed orienteering. Navigation is much easier when one walks, even on a C.M.A. map. There are traps f6r the unwary orienteer used to the accuracy of a detailed orienteering map.

The weather was perfect, cool and overcast, and the terrain pleasantly free of skungy scrub, plus control 32 provided scenic views in every direction. Sometime before nightfall an inflamed calf muscle caused us to head for home. We picked up a few controls on the way back, in the moonlight, so bright at times it was almost dazzling. The torch I had carried around all day was hardly needed. The hash house crew had food prepared in a flash, plus good tea - but no ice! I am looking forward to my next rogaine.

Dave Firman



1 M7 Farrell/Prosser 940 (10.18pm.)
2 M17 Power  940 (11.56pm.)
3 M5 Anderson/ Graham 920
4 M3 Lumsden / Noble  800
5 M6 Johnston / Holgate 690
6 M9 Taylor / Coyle 660
7 M2 McKenna / Prosser 640
8 M8 Firman / Dawes 600
9 V4 Harrigan / Mercer 580
10 J18 Park / Prosser 480
11 X19 Woodward / Martin 470
12 J15 Treflo / Bryant / Hutchinson 310
13 M12 Waddell / Jenkins / Anderson 290
14 J14 Bigelo / Layden 250
15 M10 Sharp / Roberts / Everett 250
16 M11 Johnston / Serbrook / McMillan 250
17 J13 Sanson / Hayden / Russell 250
18 X1 Cooper / Cooper 250
19 W16 Challacombe / Power 160

Armidale Organisers Comments

Event organised around Mt. Duval in northern N.S.W., about 12Km. north of Armidale. The land was mainly freehold consisting of timbered and clear grazed country with undulating to steep sections.

Landowners were contacted some 8 weeks prior to the event (about 8 in all). All were quite happy about the event and we had no refusals Landowners were contacted by telephone. The out of bounds areas were 2 areas where the landowners had not been contacted.

Entries were a little disappointing and somewhat slow to arrive. This was probably due to the time of the year, the location and perhaps most importantly, the publicity. Much more publicity amongst scouting groups and bushwalkers is needed. We ended up with 42 competitors and helpers(17 free entries from Worimi but they provided the bulk of the food. Form B was sent out a little late - should be at least 2 weeks before the event.

Event was OK - weather was reasonable, no problems with controls, food held out although we needed more bread.

Rogaining in 1984

The 1986 N.S.W. Rogaining Championships will be held in April, south of Sydney. Robyn and Peter Tuft are organising the event along with a band of helpers. There is some possibility that 'this event may also be the 1984 Australian Rogaining Championships, but this needs to be ratified by the A.R.A. later this year.

At this stage we are looking for someone to organise a 12 hour rogaine latter in the year. Interested? Then contact one of the committee members soon.

If you'd like to put something back into the sport but don't want to get involved to the extent of organising an event, still get in touch. Maybe you have some specialist, much sought after skill that could be of use (eg."cordon Bleu" hamburger cooker, champion dishwasher, first grade newsletter folder, accounting whiz - our current treasurer doesn't know the difference between an interest rate and a heart rate, the list is endless.