G'day rogainers,

We’ve got lots to tell you in this email, so here is a Table of Contents!

  1. Navigation and Rogaine Skills Workshop – registration and call for instructors
  2. Lake Macquarie results – see how you went!
  3. NSW Champs – put it in your diaries.
  4. Call for volunteers for coming events – put your hand up!
  5. Shooters Bill – call for action.

Navigation & Rogaine Skills Workshop  -  Registration and call for instructors.

Entries are now open for the Navigation & Rogaine Skills Workshop to be held on Saturday & Sunday 12-13 September 2009 at Rydal.

Go to  http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/09RW/09RW.htm   to enter on-line using your credit card.  Entries are limited to 48 persons so don't delay.

This year's workshop is aimed at novice to intermediate navigators, interested in gaining or improving navigation skills for bushwalking and more competitive events such as rogaining/orienteering/adventure racing.  The focus will be on gaining practical navigation skills. There will be a mix of presentation and small-group practical exercises with specially prepared maps, including a night nav, led by experienced (but not necessarily infallible!!!!!) navigators. The nav exercises will be held in the local state forests - Lidsdale and Falnash - with a short rogaine on Sunday afternoon to allow you to consolidate what you've learnt over the weekend.

Go to the web site for more information about this event.

Its said that you really don't understand what you're doing yourself until you can teach it? Do you want to learn a bit about what you might not know?

We are looking for another 5 to 6 competent navigators willing to go with and instruct/mentor groups of 3 to 5 trainee navigators for the practical exercises that will be held during the navigation workshop. You certainly don't need to be an infallible navigator. Feedback from last year was that the instructors (as well as participants) had a great time and also learnt a great deal, most particularly when the answer to the question "So, where are we?" was "Hmm, I'm not really sure, let's work it out".

You need to be on-site at Rydal from approx 10:00am on the Saturday morning to around 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon.

Please contact Michael Watts on 0419 626 077 or via e-mail  mwatts@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Lake Macquarie Results -  see how you went!

Also on our web site you will find  results, reports and photos of the recent  Lake Macquarie 6/12 hour rogaine  held on 15th August in the Sugarloaf National Park.

NSW Champs  -  put it in your diaries.

And while you are getting over the endorphins from Lake Macquarie, make sure you get your diary out and block out the weekend of 3-4 October for the NSW champs. We will be putting on 24-h and a 15-in-24 h events at a secret location about 3.5 hours west of the Sydney CBD. This will be a great opportunity to either push yourself to the limit by going hard all night, or (if you are more sensible) get a good bit of rogaining in before returning to the campfire at the hash-house and enjoying the hospitality of both the site staff and the 1st Waitara Scouts, who will be cooking up a storm (well, hopefully not a storm) - before heading out in the morning (after bacon and eggs of course) for a few more checkpoints in the pristine (and scrub-free) National Park setting. Online entries will be open very soon (we'll let you know) - don't miss it!


Please consider volunteering to help out at an event.  We can only keep putting on events if enough people volunteer.  Even our next rogaine, the NSW Champs on 3-4 October is still light on for admin assistants on the day.   If you have done a few events and plan to do more, think about lending a hand.  Check out the current gaps in our Volunteers List  then contact Phil Whitten  on 02 4203 2773 (nswravc@gmail.com)  and talk to him about what you can do to help.   There are plenty of ways you can help out – some of them even allow you to still do the event!

Shooters Bill  -  call for action.

The Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill introduced into the NSW Parliament by the Shooters Party in June proposes opening up our national parks to recreational shooting and the establishment of game reserves.  If you want to continue to enjoy visiting our national parks without the risk of being shot, I suggest you should read more about this proposal and consider signing one of the petitions against the bill.    Read more on the Nature Conservation Council of NSW web site.

Graeme Cooper

for NSW Rogaining Association committee

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