G'day rogainers,

Autumn Alpacagaine – Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April 2011

Entries are now open for the next NSW Rogaine, the "Autumn Alpacagaine",  which will be held at Gundy in the Upper Hunter Valley. You have the option of a full 24 hour event or the popular "15 in 24 hour" format where the course is the same, just you must spend at least 9 hours of your 24 hours at the Hash House.  Both events start at midday on the Saturday and finish at midday on the Sunday.

For more information and to enter on-line using your credit card go to  http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/11AR/11AR.htm

2011 Minigaine - "The River Rumble" -  Sunday 20 March 2011

Results and photographs of this event are now available at  http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/11MI/11MI.htm

Free Entry for Volunteers

Have you volunteered at a Rogaine lately?  Make a significant contribution to an event  by giving up at least one full day and the ability to do the event. You can then claim free entry to another NSWRA Rogaine. If you volunteer for every second event, you will never need to pay entry fees again!

Go to  http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Workers/Volunteers.htm  to see which roles need filling then contact the Volunteer Coordinator,  Ian Dempsey.

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Graeme Cooper
for NSW Rogaining Association committee