G'day rogainers,

Lake Macquarie 6/12 hour  -  14 August 2010

There was an issue with the automatic closing date and time for online entries for the Lake Macquarie Rogaine causing it to close out early. This has been resolved and online entries have now been re-opened and will stay open until midnight on Sunday 8th Aug.

We apologise to all those folks who thought they had missed out on this great event.  Please email Lindsay Young at  admin@nswrogaining.org  if you have questions or concerns.

The "Information Package" for entrants to this rogaine is now available at  http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/10LM/10LM.htm 

Australian University Rogaining Championships

Are you a Uni Student and looking for another Rogaine to enter?

The 2010 Australian University Rogaining Championships are being held on the 18-19 September in Victoria with Victoria’s 2010 24 hr event. This is a great opportunity to participate in a Rogaine in another state, have your costs covered and even have a stab at winning the trophy.

Read more on  http://www.nswrogaining.org/index.htm

Paddy Pallin 6 hour - 20 August 2010

The results posted  at  http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/10PP/10PP.htm   for this event were revised on 29 July 2010.

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Graeme Cooper
for NSW Rogaining Association committee