G'day rogainers,

Many of us enjoyed a great event at Joadja over the long weekend, and we’re now preparing for our next Rogaine – the Paddy Pallin 6 hour in June. Read on for more information… Also in this e-news, information about our new reward system for volunteers.

"The Joadja Ghost" - 6/12 hour rogaine - Saturday 24 April 2010

Those of us who went to Joadja over the Anzac Day weekend were treated to a memorable Rogaine. Richard Smyth and Graham Millar set a great course in challenging terrain. Along with the vetters and flag hangers, they put in a lot of work to find interesting and challenging control locations and good routes through the many cliffs!

We all enjoyed great food by the Wollongong mob at the Hash House, and the Mittagong Scouts at the café on the course.

Results are now online  (http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/10JG/10JG.htm)  They were updated at 15:30 on Thursday 6 May.  Some corrections have been made and the Team Sheets now give the leg lengths. 

This event was perhaps the first in NSW where the overall winners (in both the 6 hour and 12 hour) were women’s teams. It also produced a record number of late teams - there were 14 teams more than 30 minutes late (almost 10% of all teams!)  Good route planning is always important, even more so with a course like this one.  If you have a spare hour, try nutting out the shortest practical route around this course.  Read the  "Events blog"  (also linked from the events page) for more on this.

If you have any photos or a report you’d like to send in, please send them to the  Webmaster

47th Paddy Pallin 6 hour Rogaine – Sunday 20 June 2010

The next NSW Rogaine is the Paddy Pallin, which will be close to Gosford. Course setting is well underway and it promises to be a great event. The tracks take you past some awe-inspiring views from massive rock slabs, while control locations include lovely waterfalls, creek junctions and high points.

More information is available on the event web page: http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/10PP/10PP.htm

Free Entry for Volunteers

Have you volunteered at a Rogaine lately? We have a new policy which allows volunteers who have made a significant contribution to an event (giving up at least one full day and the ability to do the event) to claim free entry to their next Rogaine. If you volunteer for every second event, you will never need to pay entry fees again!

Have a look at the volunteers page (http://www.nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Workers/Volunteers.htm) to see which roles need filling.

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The International Rogaining Federation has proposed a new set of entry criteria for future World Champs (2012 and beyond). They are seeking comments from all rogainers (send your comments to IRF WRC Manager Lauri Leppik at L.Leppik@online.ee). The draft criteria can be downloaded from the NSWRA website   here.

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