G'day rogainers,

The news this time covers the recent Metrogaine and our next event, the 3 hour Minigaine.

"Short and Sweet" - 3 hour Minigaine - Manly Dam - 6 March 2010.

 The first of its kind and possibly the first of a series... a 3 hour event where you can choose your own starting time between 11am and 3pm and also there is an 'individual' category, so if you are over 18 you can travel solo. The course is criss-crossed by a series of tracks, no control is far from a track. It will be a great opportunity for a solid run or a leisurely hike... you choose!

 Entries are now open and will be done online. Numbers will be limited so don't delay. Go to "www.nswrogaining.org"  for more details and to lodge your entry.

Please contact either Lindsay Young 0409 301 782  (lindsay.young@live.com.au)  for admin information or Paddy Aicken 0427 182 683  (paicken@gmail.com)  for info about the course.

"Sugarloaf Spectacular"  - Metrogaine  -  14 February 2010

Preliminary results, lots of photos, the map and answer sheet are all available now at  "www.nswrogaining.org"  . You'll even find a Blog so you can share your experiences and thoughts about the event.

 While you are at the web site check out the Volunteers table. This will show you the dates of more rogaines. At the same time you can see those gaps in the table. Think about what you can do to help keep the show going and then contact Phil. He is waiting to hear from you!

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Graeme Cooper

for NSW Rogaining Association committee