2019 Series Point Score Rules
The Committee has decided to introduce a series point score for rogaines held during the 2018 calendar year.
The rules for this point score shall be:
1. Your best 3 events this calendar year will contribute to your overall point score.
2. Your points are individual but earned as part of a team (unless the event accepts solo entries). For example you are a 57 year old woman competing in a mixed team. Your points will be awarded to you in the Women's Super Veteran category
3. The points you earn for each event are calculated by taking your teamís score expressed as a % of the overall median individual score for that event (ignoring category), plus 2 points ofor each hour of the event duration.
4. There will be the usual categories as per the rules of rogaining (no junior category, only under 23).
5. For the purpose of this point score, you're only up against others in the category that is defined by your age and gender (i.e. A men's super veteran will not also compete in the open men's category, which is different to our usual rules for event).
6. If you change category during the year your points roll to the older one. (i.e. you turn 55 during the year your cumulative score for the year gets moved to Men's or Women's Super Veterans.)
7. A volunteer at an event will be awarded their average score for that year.
The Series point score will be calculated after each event and posted on the internet. The point score will be tabulated in a similar fashion to orienteering's Sydney Summer Series point score.
The Series Point Score does not change the usual way winners and scores are decided for each event
Any questions or suggestions can be directed to webmaster@nswrogaining.org.