NSWRA Partner Finding Service

NSW Autumngaine - 12 and 6hr Sat 7th May 2022

On this page you can see who is looking for a partner, contact them directly by email (or phone) and also add yourself to the list of people looking for a partner. Once you have found a partner, please use the "Delete your entry" link to remove your entry (you will be asked for the email address that you used when you created the entry, as verification).

Here are the people looking for partners:

1. Mohd yasir Khan, 23, M. Competitiveness is 10/10. Ph: 0420217415. Message: "". [Email me].[Delete your entry].

2. Laetitia Desmons, 50, F. Competitiveness is 5/10. Ph: 0410811768. Message: "Can adapt competitiveness to partner(s)". [Email me].[Delete your entry].

3. Harry Smith, 23, M. Competitiveness is /10. Ph: 0490797263. Message: "Looking for a partner. Happy to run short distances but do not want to job for the majority of the event. Good nav skills.". [Email me].[Delete your entry].

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