NSWRA Partner Finding Service

2020 Champs - 24 & 8 hr. Weekend 5-6th September 2020

On this page you can see who is looking for a partner, contact them directly by email (or phone) and also add yourself to the list of people looking for a partner. Once you have found a partner, please use the "Delete your entry" link to remove your entry (you will be asked for the email address that you used when you created the entry, as verification).

Here are the people looking for partners:

1. Tim Cochrane, 40, M. Competitiveness is 8/10. Ph: 0427043373. Message: "Moderate experience 24hrs mix running and fast walking. Limited breaks. More interested in getting harder controls and going interesting places than winning ". [Email me].[Delete your entry].

2. Mat Collin, 36, M. Competitiveness is 10/10. Ph: 00000000. Message: "24hr event. Want to improve on last years place. ". [Email me].[Delete your entry].

3. Mark Hurry, 64, M. Competitiveness is 5/10. Ph: 0266564945. Message: "Looking for a walker only for a fun 24. Emphasis on navigation and enjoying an area different to east coast forest.4". [Email me].[Delete your entry].

. , , . Competitiveness is /10. Ph: . [Email me].[Delete your entry].

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