2020 NSW Champs
Gundabooka NP

(due to directive H20/87983 from NSW Health)


24 / 8 hr NSW Champs


Weekend 5-6th September


Gundabooka NP (South of Bourke)

Entries Cancelled:

Entries are now closed.

Late Entry:

Adult: $150  Concession: $100

Competitors 14 years and under are free.
Full refund if the event is cancelled due to COVID-19.

18-Aug: Reluctantly, we must cancel this event. NSW Health directive H20/87983 recommends that Community Sports "cease activities that result in the mixing of participants and staff from different regions, for example by ceasing zone, regional or state championships or competitions." This recommendation is effective from 19-Aug for at least six weeks.

We realise that this has significant impact on people who have entered the Champs and planned their journeys to Gundabooka - and appreciate the time and effort that Michael Watts has expelled to create the course. Proceeding with this event was always a risky exercise and unfortunately the Covid virus has intervened.

Gunderbooka the mountain won't go away and Michael's efforts won't be wasted. I hope/expect we will be able to explore there sometime in the next year or two but, for the moment, any rogaines in NSW are cancelled.

We will refund all entry fees as promised and provide ongoing updates here, on Facebook and our eNewsletters.

Trevor Gollan (president@nswrogaining.org)

If you want to be this year’s NSW Champion you will need to travel. Our second post-Covid event (hopefully) will be held at Gundabooka National Park, which is about 70kms south of Bourke.

This is a fantastic opportunity to rogaine and visit country that will be unfamiliar to most of us. Those making the effort to get to this event will be rewarded with an experience they will remember the rest of their life.

It is recommended that visitors spend some time around Bourke, Cobar & Brewarrina which are all quite interesting. The Darling, aboriginal history pre and post white settlement, Kidman Way (cattle/sheep), agriculture, irrigation, mining and not forgetting the wildlife. There is quite a spectacular rock art site not far from the hash house, an old gold mining area in the park, as well as station homesteads. The drive along Yanda Ck to the Darling campsite is worth the trip. Bring the fishing rod (and permit), or kayak/canoe.

Like most NSW Champs events there will be the 24 hour championship event and and a non-championship 8 hour event.

Keep coming back here as there will be more updates coming as we work around mandated and practical Covid-19 restrictions. At this stage there won’t be catering at this event. 

Event related queries can be directed to: admin@nswrogaining.org

Photos by Bruce Sutton