2019 Aumngaine
"The Pagoda Palooza"


12 & 6 hr Rogaine


Saturday 4 May 2019


Ben Bullen State Forest


The 2019 Autumngaine offers 6 and 12 Hour events in the spectacular Ben Bullen State Forest. You will see pagoda rock formations, broad watercourses including the upper Coxs River, the impenetrable cliff barriers of the Western Blue Mountains and plateau woodland with open understory for easy walking.
A two and a half hour drive from Sydney, on the western side of the Blue Mountains, the course offers great rogaining and navigational challenges to suit your ability, on an excellent map produced from recent LIDAR data sets.

Choose from 6 Hour or 12 Hour events, starting at 11.00am. Have dinner and relax afterwards with friends. Camp for the night. Have breakfast and then leave for home after a challenging and rewarding weekend.