NSW Rogainer of the Year

To congratulate our best rogainers and to encourage your participation, from 2013 NSWRA will run an annual Rogainer of the Year competition.  Briefly, this will allocate points to all competitors in each category of an event as a proportion of the
winners’ score (i.e., maximun event score is 100).  There will also be an overall winner.  In addition, if you volunteer at an event, you’ll receive 75 points for each event up to a maximum of two events. We’ll run this scoring system across our current entry categories and events will be weighted to encourage participation in our longer bush events.

The weightings we propose are:

a.  24 hr event (full weighting, i.e., the allocated points x 1).
b.  15 in 24 hr & 12 hr (.75).
c.  6 hr/Metro/Social (.5).
d.  Minigaine (.25).

Competitors’ final annual score will be the sum of their best five weighted event scores (we run six to seven events each year).

Before we finalise this, we’d welcome your views. Please tell us here which parts of the proposal you like, and if you want anything changed or added.  Among other things, tell us how we should recognise our rogainers of the year. We’ll keep the forum open until the end of October and we’ll give you detail on the final format of the Rogainer of the Year soon after.

Thanks to Bert van Netten for proposing this and to Bob Gilbert who has kindly agreed to set it up and manage it.

49th Paddy Pallin 6 hour

Well yet another “Paddy Pallin” event has been run and won.  A noteable feature this year was the quality of the map produced by Rob Vincent.  Advances in technology are making a lot of things possible that could not have been imagined when the early rogaines were held.  One thing however remains the same.  This is a volunteer driven organisation meaning events will only happen if enough of you come forward to do a turn.

There are things I can point to that weren’t up to scratch at this event.  The results didn’t get displayed at the finish and the portaloo maintenance was almost non existant.

So how about it?  If you want to be able to take part in more rogaines in NSW, have a look at the blank spaces on the Volunteer Table , pick a job you can handle and write to Ian at [email protected] .  He’s waiting to hear from you.

Graeme Cooper

minigaine 2012

I hope you all had a great run or walk on Ted’s fantastic minigaine course through the streets and muddy bush tracks of Lindfield, West Killara and Roseville. Im sure the legs are recovering nicely by now. It was great to see so many people out. So what did you think of the course?

Metrogaine 2012

Well, didn’t I enjoy a cold beer on the balcony after getting home last night from a long day at Orange Grove school. A long but pleasant day – so many happy faces.
The Metrogaine 2012 (Baygaine) seems to have passed off very well with surprisingly positive feedback about the area/course. I personally know Balmain, Rozelle etc is a nice area but I had been worried that it may a bit too urban for rogainers. It appears however to have made an interesting alternative for most people to cliffs, leeches & scratchy things.
Very pleasing to see how many families, school groups, novices were able to enjoy the day – I guess that’s partly what Metro- and Socialgaines are meant to be about.
The Hash House turned out to be a godsend with the large roof structure once the storm hit.
In terms of course feedback, lots of people commented on the pleasant Balmain headlands.
A couple of teams highlighted that Control 106 was wrongly marked by 1 block which caused a bit of angst and so we have given teams the benefit of the doubt. It was also pointed out to me that after my explanation in the coursesetters’ notes about the difficulties of getting from 91 to 58 because of a large fence – there was actually a gate so you could just waltz on through. Disappointed no-one fell off the plank @ 91.
The map from the new software seems to have gone well though a couple of teams queried some thin white strips along the foreshore where there are not paths. It may be something to do with tidelines & property boundaries but we will investigate. Hopefully the lack of street names kept everyone’s brains alert.
Looking forward to any feedback – highlights, control comments.

2011 Socialgaine

Neil Hawthorne and Warwick Selby set our Socialgaine in 2011, in Garigal NP around Middle Harbour Creek. It was a great event, with lots of interesting route choices (I think it catered well for all types of rogainers) and some nice areas to explore. I thought I knew pretty well all the tracks around Middle Harbour Creek, but clearly I was wrong!

We got some very HOT weather on Sunday (according to BOM it got to 34.5 at Terrey Hills – not much you can do about that!) and this slowed everyone’s pace a bit. In the heat the creek looked more tempting than usual, despite its murky tidal flows, and I think quite a few teams enjoyed a quick dip to cool off.

My team mate had a nasty fall about 2 hrs in and we limped back and pulled out early (glad St Johns were there with a supply of ice!), so unfortunately we didn’t get to make the most of it… therefore I’ll be doubly interested to hear what everyone else thought! Where did you go? How did you handle the heat? How did you enjoy this rogaine?

What is our balance of events like?

Here at the NSWRA committee, we are often pondering over whether we have too many shorter and/or urban events – compared to longer and more distant bush events, or whether we should even be having *more* of them, since they seem to attract larger fields.

We do have a general underlying preference for the bush events, because they get us out into the places that we wouldn’t get to go to otherwise (and the Goulburn river area was an absolutely superb example of that!) – and because there is a larger chance of seeing a wombat, but maybe we are biased…!

What do you think?

20th Lake Macquarie 6/12 hour rogaine

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this year’s Lake Macquarie event a success!  Thanks particularly to Bob Gilbert for co-ordinating, Bert van Netten, Anita Bickle, Dug Floyd, Neil Chappel, Rob and Marg Cook for course setting and vetting, and Ian Dempsey for mapping.  This group has been hard at work for many weekends to bring this event to us.  We also enjoyed lovely hash house food provided by the Cardiff Scouts, tea and damper by Sylvia Burgess, safety services from BWRS and the SES, and seamless administration by Neal and Emma McDonald and Graeme and Vicki Cooper.  If I’ve missed anyone else, thank you too!

From my perspective as a participant, it was a fun event with some nice features.  We particularly enjoyed the creek between 51, 52, 86, 85 – however I’m glad we were there in daylight, and not trying to negotiate that terrain in the dark!  Like all good Lake Macquarie rogaines, this one featured its fair share of steep and slippery slopes, lantana, lawyer vine, mud and the odd leech!  But this one also had some amazing views from the escarpment (including the tea and damper spot) and sections of really nice bush (I thought the grass trees were particularly impressive, and at this time of year there are some nice flowers starting to come out) to make up for it.  We even found a few beautiful big old eucalypts which had escaped being logged.

I hope everyone had fun, and I look forward to reading your thoughts and feedback here.


48th Paddy Pallin 6 hour

G’day rogainers,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Paddy Pallin Rogaine at Belanglo!  We were treated to some really nice weather (though it could have been a bit warmer at the finish!) and it sounds like most people had fun out there.  I saw plenty of smiling faces at the finish.  We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and feedback about the event, or you can use this space to swap stories with other teams, or however you like – but keep it clean and related to rogaining – thanks 🙂

Thanks again to all the volunteers (you can find all their names listed on the volunteer page), plus State Forests and other landholders, our sponsor Paddy Pallin, caterers 1st Waitara Scouts, safety crew BWRS and new event adminstrators Emma and Neal!


47th Paddy Pallin 6 hour

The distinguishing feature of this rogaine would have to be the thick vegetation.  As is often the case I never got to walk more than 100m from the start.   That was enough to reinforce my impression when driving in that full body armour would be necessary.  Despite this, the winning team came back looking very fresh after going to all but 11 of the 52 check points.

It takes a lot of time and energy to make these events happen.  I’d like to point out to you all here that this one happened without an organiser.  I’m sure you all want the show to go on so please have a look at the  “Volunteer Table” , decide how you can help at a coming event, then send an email to  “[email protected]“.   Until we fill the Volunteer Coordinator vacancy on the committee your email will just happen to come to me.

Please tell us here what your thoughts are about this event or any other matter related to rogaining in NSW.