47th Paddy Pallin 6 hour

The distinguishing feature of this rogaine would have to be the thick vegetation.  As is often the case I never got to walk more than 100m from the start.   That was enough to reinforce my impression when driving in that full body armour would be necessary.  Despite this, the winning team came back looking very fresh after going to all but 11 of the 52 check points.

It takes a lot of time and energy to make these events happen.  I’d like to point out to you all here that this one happened without an organiser.  I’m sure you all want the show to go on so please have a look at the  “Volunteer Table” , decide how you can help at a coming event, then send an email to  “[email protected]“.   Until we fill the Volunteer Coordinator vacancy on the committee your email will just happen to come to me.

Please tell us here what your thoughts are about this event or any other matter related to rogaining in NSW.


The Joadja Ghost

First and foremost, thanks to all of you who posted here your thoughts about the Manly Dam Minigaine.  I assure you the organisers and the committee will take note of what you said.

The Joadja Ghost was clearly a very different event.  When I first looked at the map of the area my reaction was that this cannot be done.  It was only after the event concluded and everyone came back, many late admittedly, that I had to concede that it was possible.  Collecting some of the flags from the NW corner showed me that it was not always easy going.  I always wonder at the distance the top teams cover in one of these events.

Please tell us all here what your thoughts are about any aspect of this event.

Thursday 6 May

As an arm-chair exercise, try working out the shortest practical route which takes in all controls.  To help you do this I have added a table on the Results Contents page that gives the coordinates in tens of metres of each control site.   You can use this table in conjunction with the Paul Shield’s Route Calculator to arrive at a starting point.  You should get an answer about 46km.  The unusually large number of obstacles on this map means you will have to make a lot of changes and hence stretch the overall length.  Send in your answers as a string of flag numbers and the overall length.   You might become the “Arm Chair Rogaining Champion”!


“Short and Sweet” minigaine

Well it was short.  For a rogaine that is.  How about the “Sweet”?  Tell us  what did you think of this event?   Would you like more using much the same formula?

Tell us here!


“Sugarloaf Spectacular” Metrogaine

G’day rogainers,

From Richard’s report I see he and his team turned on another very successful event.   Tell us here about your experience at this rogaine and any suggestions that may make for better future rogaines.    If you took any photos and would like to add them to those already on the event page,  give me a call on 6772 3584 and I’ll advise you how to send them.

Graeme Cooper