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Avoiding the Lawrence of Arabia country

Congratulations to Steve Ryan course setter, Gill Fowler organiser and Anita Bickle admin, on the excellent Minigaine at Cronulla on Sunday. Exploring an area not so well known to many in very fair conditions was a great pleasure. The beaches, … Continue reading

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Sand, sun, surf and more bloody sand!

The Minigaine yesterday was an interesting event. As someone who comes to rogaining from a bushwalking rather than a running or orienteering background, I always look towards the minigaines with some trepidation. To do well in a minigaine you have … Continue reading

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Do you like it Soft or Hard ?

Judging by our attendance at 12 and 24 hour events I think most Rogainers like it soft. The NSW Organising Committee (of which I am a part) are wondering why relatively few people enter 12 or 24 hour events. I … Continue reading

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One of our members, Dug Floyd, passed away on December 15. Dug was largely responsible for substantially improving NSWRA’s safety and search procedures at our bush events over the last 10 years. His longstanding involvement with the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue … Continue reading

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Thems “The Rules”

At the most recent meeting of the NSW Rogaining Association Committee the issue of mis-punching electronic controls was discussed. By default the event software we use “RogaineScore” records the lowest score recorded by a team member so any mis-punches lower … Continue reading

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Funny Moments in Rogaining

Hi. It’s the off season for rogaining and it’s almost Christmas, so it is a time for reflection. Understanding this, I thought we could start a blog of funny moments in rogaining. If you want to contribute, simply comment on … Continue reading

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Socialgaine 2016 Photos

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NSW Champs 2016 – Winners

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NSW Champs Photos 3

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File Manager

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