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What was the original name of the Colo River (as named by white settlers)?

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A second expedition up the Hawkesbury River was commenced on 28th June, 1789 by Governor Phillip. Captains Hunter, Collins and George Johnston and Surgeon White accompanied him. During this expedition the Colo River was explored and named 'Second Branch", the first branch on the Hawkesbury River being the Macdonald River.

Approximately how long is the Colo River?

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The first 35kms have properties either side, the next 60 kms are rarely visited. There are many steep cliffs on the Colo further upstream and access to the river is difficult. There is a book that describes Colo River Passes by Brian Corliss and a sketch map by Bob Buck.

From were does the name Colo originate?

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In what year did white settlement take place on the Colo (approximately)?

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What year did the Upper Colo Bridge open?

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See the following link from SMH 4th march 1936:

The bridge spanning the Colo near its mouth is known by locals as what?

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The Bridge to Nowhere was officially opened by the Minister for Public Works, NSW, Mr Davis Hughes, on 2 August 1969. This bridge is located just upstream from the mouth of the Colo River at Lower Portland. An article prior to the bridge opening reported that the long range plans envisaged the bridge forming part of an alternative route to the north (Hunter Valley). Local residents stated that the bridge would not benefit them as they lived on the opposite bank of the river. Despite this, the building of the bridge commenced. Papers reported that 'Work has begun on a $225,000 "bridge to nowhere" over the Colo River at Lower Portland.' This bridge led to Una Voce, the guesthouse of the South Sydney Leagues Club and its members and a couple of other properties.

The first 16 kms of the Colo is tidal . What is the approximate tide time difference to Port Dension at the Putty Road bridge?

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Lower Portand Ferry is 3:05 behind Fort Denison.

The Colo River begins at the confluence of two rivers / creeks. Which ones?

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You can check it on the geographical names board web site here:

The Colo River is well known to fishers for catching what?

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Australian Bass (Macquaria novemaculeata). Bass can be caught from the mouth of the Colo all the way up to the junction with Bob Turner's track and beyond. Turtles and carp are also common.

The Colo River floods. There is a river gauge near the Upper Colo Reserve. What level in metres is considered a "moderate" flood?

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The ambient level of the Colo at the gauging station is about 0.76m. The highest it has been in the last 10 years is 12 metres. This photo of the Putty Bridge was taken when the river was at 10m.

The Colo River is a great place to kayak and there is a published kayak trail. How long is the Colo Kayak trail?

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You can easily kayak the 30 kms from the Upper Colo Reserve to the mouth of the Colo River. Once upstream from the Upper Colo Reserve the river is very shallow in sections and more suited to liloing than kayaking. (Or wait for a flood).

Which of these Creeks /Rivers does NOT flow into the Colo?

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