better contours with ‘nswtopo’ software

Just a quick note for any NSW setters who have used my ‘nswtopo’ software to make their maps.

I have just put out a tentative v2.0 of this software. The headline addition is a new feature for contours and spot heights. There is now really good, publicly available elevation for all of NSW, so I added a facility to make contours from this data very easily.

Obviously this is significant because contours are our bread and butter. We are used to contours from the NSW database, which are mostly manually created contours dating back decades. 5-metre contours from this new elevation data (derived from lidar) give a far more accurate depiction of terrain. (Also, they look fantastic. I suggest adding shaded relief for the full experience.)

OK, hope this is useful,
— Matthew

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  1. That’s awesome news! Thank you so much, Matthew!

    We’ve been working on the map for the NSW Autumngaine and have actually combined the contours sourced from ELVIS and generated in QGIS with the rest of the nswtopo layers.
    The result is really impressive in regards to accuracy and detail.
    I am going to try the new nswtopo v2.0 asap.
    Welcome to the new generation of really accurate rogaining maps!

  2. I am representing the DarwinBushwalking Club, some of whom rogain. Not sure how to contact NSWtopo, however have bought several of the NSWTopo Avenza maps. We are seeking several NT maps be available- which I have put to that map store. For example: Goodparla 5371 2, Koolpin 5471 3, Jim Jim Falls 5471 2, El Sharana 5470 4, others. I am hoping we can make contact about others and think the maps will be well used
    [email protected]

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