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Howdy all… my 11yo son and I were thinking of doing our first ever rogaine for a bit of fun and were wondering what the general process is.

I was thinking that the 3hr Minigaine at the end of Feb 2019 would be a good place to start… would you advise that we try and find someone to team up with, or could we just give it a crack by ourselves on the day? We’re both pretty fit, so I’m not super worried about the physical side of things… I’m more just thinking about stuff like logistics and knowing the rules, and so on. Are there “practice” courses that we could do in the meantime so we can get a bit better at navigation? Any advice would be great. Thanks heaps.


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  1. At the risk of being vilified by my colleagues, I would suggest that Orienteering is a great way to learn the basics.

    An orienteering score course is very similar to a rogaine in that you get a map which has controls on it and you get as many points as you can in the allotted time. ( The other type is a line course where you have to get controls in a set order). Orienteering courses are much shorter than rogaining and typically last no longer than an hour.

    All orienteering events can be found here:
    Just find one that is open to everyone (which is most of them) and rock up on the day.

    There is always plenty of help on hand for newbies.

  2. Hi Craig,

    Welcome to the NSW Rogaining Website and hope to see you at our next event. I would say that the Minigaine in February would be an excellent place to start, as checkpoints will be reasonably close together so you have the chance to practice getting a large number despite the short timeframe. Set in a more urban area the navigation should be much easier it’ll be a great introduction to the activity where you will hopefully come back for many more.

    Here is a document of notes for novices that on the website for download before our most recent event (Berowra 4/8hr), which could be helpful for summarizing the rules and conventions.

    As Chris said, doing a few orienteering events could be a good option in the interim – not sure where you live, but in Sydney there is a 45-minute micro-rogaine every Wednesday evening. Most people enter individually, but you can also enter as a team.

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