Watagaine never again

The 2018 Watagans mountains rogaine was the third I’ve attended in this area, and definitely the last. The lack of route choices means everyone is doing the same course, with the only choice being which direction . No navigation was needed at all on this course. When nearing a checkpoint, one is inevitably greeted by someone else emerging from the bush and a well worn track directly to the checkpoint.
No real choice of route selection possible, no navigation necessary, and large queues at every control. This is not rogaining. Unfortunately, it has been the same every time in the Watagans. Please , please, change the area and the course setter!

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  1. I’ve done six Lake Macquarie rogaines and each has it’s own character. Perhaps you should extend to the 12-hour. It’s always new, challenging and unknown in the dark.

  2. Sorry that we won’t see you at next years Lake Macquarie Rogaine Sean.
    We were lucky last year in being able to have a nice network of tracks around the start that made a nice novice and family route from the hash house to the tea and damper. Which usually these teams do not have such a good choice at the Watagans given the technicality and ruggedness of the creeks and the gullies of lantana and lawyer vine.
    On the map and course setters notes there are usually a couple of advised routes for novices and families. This appears to be the majority of the route you have taken which is why you would have had some many people around you.
    The winners of the event we knew would be the teams that took on the challenge of the big creek system in the north and probably the ones that did it first as that was challenging and slow going.

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