Organiser/Course Setter’s Thanks

150 teams and nearly 400 participants enjoyed relatively mild summer conditions for the first rogaine of 2016 – the LaneCoveRivergaine2.

The Hash House at Haynes Flat in Lane Cove National Park proved to be a very pleasant setting for staging this event.

The course encompassed the Lane Cove River valley from De Burghs Bridge to Stringybark Creek, an area of approximately 16 square kms, with 53 Controls worth a total of 3050 points.

Amazingly 6 teams cleared the course – two were back at the Hash House in under 5 hours!

The overall winners, Andrew Hill & Richard Mountstephens, finished in 4 hours 40 minutes and ran 41km.

Preliminary results have been posted. Thanks to our webmaster, Chris Stevenson, there is a link to Google Earth where you can see the routes taken by each team. It is interesting to follow the quite different route choices.

And Route Gadget will be set up shortly, enabling us to see a time-lapse animation comparing the progress of multiple teams around the course.

A few thank you’s:

  • To STEP, and particularly John Martyn, for providing the base map
  • To NPWS, for enabling the event to be held within the Lane Cove National Park
  • To 1st Waitara Scouts, for providing the eats and drinks
  • To our Administrator, Anita Bickle
  • And, most importantly, to our volunteer team who helped vet, place flags, set-up, marshal cars, register entrants, pack up, collect flags, manage the website and help out in numerous other ways:
    John Anderson, Lisa Antill, Stacey Bryce, Robin Cameron, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Graham Field, Gill Fowler, Mark von Huben, Bob, Marnie & Hughie Kenderes, Julian Ledger, Mitch Lindbeck, Bert van Netten, Nic Pittman, Karen Smith, Chris Stevenson, David Stitt, Mike Ward, Peter Wherry, Tristan White, Danielle, Max & Ella Whitmore

Lane Cove River – 21 Years Later

My wife, Dianne, and I competed in the Lane Cover river 6 hour event in 1995 and yesterday I fronted up for another go. What has changed?

  • My wife, now with 2 children and dodgy knees, is not really up for a 6 hr rogaine, so I had a change of partners and this time I was competing as a Men’s Veteran, with Chris Cunningham, rather than an open mixed team.
  • In 1995 my team beat 82% of teams, yesterday my team beat 78% of teams
  • In 1995 my team beat every women’s team and were the 7th mixed team. Yesterday our score was bettered by 3 women’s team and 7 mixed teams.
  • In 1995 the event was held in April and the max temperature was 21.4 yesterday the max temperature was 26.7.
  • I am probably about as fit (not very) and as heavy as I was 21 years ago as well (although the weight may have moved around a bit :<) .
  • Yesterday the map was drawn on computer and we had electronic scoring, 21 years ago the map was drawn by hand and we used punch cards.
  • Yesterday’s course was smaller than 21 years ago and it was nice feeling yesterday to get to more than 2/3 of all controls available.
  • My wife and I covered approx 32 klms 21 years ago in 6 hours, yesterday we covered 30 but had a course that took in more bush and less road.
    Team "Tochris" at the finish. Chris Stevenson on the left and Chris Cunningham on the right.
    Team “Tochris” at the finish. Chris Stevenson on the left and Chris Cunningham on the right.

It seemed to me that there were more teams running the event yesterday. It might be my imagination, but I think I see many more women competitors running than I did 21 years ago. Also I must call out Mike Hotchkis who finished 8th overall in 1995 and finished 5th overall yesterday, now competing as a super veteran. I strongly suspect that Mike will near the top of the leaderboard if this event is held again in 2037.

The Lane Cove river valley and much of the course has not changed much over the last 21 years. There has been a lot of development in and around Macquarie Park station, but other than that the course looks pretty similar.

Well done to Ted Woodley and all the volunteers for putting on the event yesterday. It was a great event. I am looking forward to 2037.