The Biggest Loser Award

The Biggest Loser (TBL)

I propose the following categories and examples as suggestions to the award of TBL.

Category 1: Lost Time

Due to planning and communication failures much time was lost. Despite being awake at 4 am on 17 August, I still managed to arrive after muster. Lame excuses include not taking into account:
a) the time lost by being distracted in the Korean bakery in Eastwood before driving north
b) the time lost by several changes of mind about what to put in the car
c) that there was any distance to be driven between Coorangbong and the event which would definitely increase travel time.
d) the time lost due to the number of times going backwards and forwards between the registration tent and the car to get stuff, before getting registered.

Category 2: Lost Team Member

Out team was still in establishment phase, hovering between tense and suspended animation long after the other competitors were sirened off at midday. At 12.20 pm, registration and intention map handed in, Team Members #2 and #3, had lost Team Member #1, before we even started. After wandering about the carpark and checking back at the registration desk, Team Member #1 was spotted emerging from the amenities block, equally bewildered as to why #2 and #3 weren’t listening when he announced his intentions.

Category 3: Lost Property

a) Team Member #2 lost sunglasses, gloves and map. Sunglasses were found by another team.
b) Team Member #3 lost sunglasses.
c) Team Member #3 thought a back pack was lost for about one hour.

Feel free to chip in your own suggestions – loss of face, confidence, keys etc. We could add a new competitive dimension to Rogaining.

Christine Young