Just in time Rogaine …. Bungonia 2013

The ‘just in time’ Rogaine at Bungonia, was a huge success this weekend! Thanks Trev and team! Over 200 people set out to walk or run (or a bit of both) in the fantastic open bushland (a lot less scratches) from Inverary Park. The terrain was not as hilly as many rogaines, which meant great on the legs, just a bit trickier on the nav, particularly in the dark, picking out the features, but the openness was a great help. How did your team fare? Did you get all the controls you set out to?

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  1. This rogaine had a few names. It’s near Bungonia, the HH was on Inverary Park property at the end of Inverary Rd, so I know it as the “Inverary Rogaine”.

    However the “Just In Time” moniker is appropriate. We didn’t visit the area until the 6th of April, three weeks prior to the event. There were two intense weekends exploring and taping the course, a contingency weekend where we rested and it rained, then we hung all the flags on Anzac Day, installed the HH equipment on Friday, just in time for the event on Saturday. Maps and food were bought Friday, bread and milk on Saturday. The catering trailer arrived just in time to fill water bottles and get them to W1 (Thankyou Graham Millar for bringing the trailer.)

    Even the participants got there just in time, perhaps half arriving in the last hour.

    My intention was to minimise organisation and have a relaxed event. How did we do?

  2. Wow – that’s quite something Trevor – first visit to the area 3 weeks before. Great effort! Sounds like we missed a top event. Looking forward to the Paddy though…

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