NSW Rogainer of the Year

To congratulate our best rogainers and to encourage your participation, from 2013 NSWRA will run an annual Rogainer of the Year competition.  Briefly, this will allocate points to all competitors in each category of an event as a proportion of the
winners’ score (i.e., maximun event score is 100).  There will also be an overall winner.  In addition, if you volunteer at an event, you’ll receive 75 points for each event up to a maximum of two events. We’ll run this scoring system across our current entry categories and events will be weighted to encourage participation in our longer bush events.

The weightings we propose are:

a.  24 hr event (full weighting, i.e., the allocated points x 1).
b.  15 in 24 hr & 12 hr (.75).
c.  6 hr/Metro/Social (.5).
d.  Minigaine (.25).

Competitors’ final annual score will be the sum of their best five weighted event scores (we run six to seven events each year).

Before we finalise this, we’d welcome your views. Please tell us here which parts of the proposal you like, and if you want anything changed or added.  Among other things, tell us how we should recognise our rogainers of the year. We’ll keep the forum open until the end of October and we’ll give you detail on the final format of the Rogainer of the Year soon after.

Thanks to Bert van Netten for proposing this and to Bob Gilbert who has kindly agreed to set it up and manage it.