minigaine 2012

I hope you all had a great run or walk on Ted’s fantastic minigaine course through the streets and muddy bush tracks of Lindfield, West Killara and Roseville. Im sure the legs are recovering nicely by now. It was great to see so many people out. So what did you think of the course?

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    1. Lindfield was my second Rogaine, and I’m loving this brave new world.

      I can hardly believe there are such devoted people to put so much effort into making the organisation of a Rogaine look effortless. The course, scenery and comrades make it fun fun fun.

      Special thanks to Neil Chappel . Due to his wizardry with a map, Anita and I got to be amongst the girls who beat Bert. Sweet!

      As such a latecomer to Rogaining, I don’t know if I’ll ever get know the diff between a contour and a control. I was watching my feet the whole time, and left the map reading to Neil.

      I am justifying watching my feet, and not looking at a map, as I can claim I was not amongst the die hards who returned to the Hash House bleeding.

      Please let me know where to get a set of those rogaining map reading glasses Jacqui – are they like a Tom Tom? Or will I be eternally damned to just being someone to be humoured, and/or taken along on a wild bush chase?

  1. Thanks for a great day Ted! Overall a great course – it seemed liked lots of folks were out having fun, including a lot of family groups/young team members. A group of young girls were singing “We are the champions” as we came in more or less together so I can only assume they were pretty pleased with themselves! The hills were certainly a bit of a challenge, and misreading the map a few times didn’t help me (I really should invest in a pair of rogaining glasses for some of the finer detail on the map….). As far as I could tell the checkpoints I vististed (when I didn’t misread the map) were mostly spot on, although I have to say struggled to find a a couple of smaller items – usually low to the ground (maybe some questions could have come with more of a clue of what we are looking for? Others were certainly set up very clearly telling us exactly where to look).

  2. Hi all,
    I wasn’t lucky enough to attend this event!

    Are mini-gaines suitable for my 10 yr old neice (who just completed her 1st 5km fun run)?


    1. Dee,
      A minigaine would be great for your niece. As in all rogaines, she would need to be in a team including an adult. Try an orienteering event if she’d like something shorter where she could run around on her own.
      Rogaines of all durations are enjoyed by people of all ages. I went to a 24 hour rogaine last weekend near Canberra. I was amazed to see a family including 2 young girls win the family category — they covered nearly half the course. We saw them out there on Sunday morning climbing up a steep hill and still full of energy!

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