Metrogaine 2012

Well, didn’t I enjoy a cold beer on the balcony after getting home last night from a long day at Orange Grove school. A long but pleasant day – so many happy faces.
The Metrogaine 2012 (Baygaine) seems to have passed off very well with surprisingly positive feedback about the area/course. I personally know Balmain, Rozelle etc is a nice area but I had been worried that it may a bit too urban for rogainers. It appears however to have made an interesting alternative for most people to cliffs, leeches & scratchy things.
Very pleasing to see how many families, school groups, novices were able to enjoy the day – I guess that’s partly what Metro- and Socialgaines are meant to be about.
The Hash House turned out to be a godsend with the large roof structure once the storm hit.
In terms of course feedback, lots of people commented on the pleasant Balmain headlands.
A couple of teams highlighted that Control 106 was wrongly marked by 1 block which caused a bit of angst and so we have given teams the benefit of the doubt. It was also pointed out to me that after my explanation in the coursesetters’ notes about the difficulties of getting from 91 to 58 because of a large fence – there was actually a gate so you could just waltz on through. Disappointed no-one fell off the plank @ 91.
The map from the new software seems to have gone well though a couple of teams queried some thin white strips along the foreshore where there are not paths. It may be something to do with tidelines & property boundaries but we will investigate. Hopefully the lack of street names kept everyone’s brains alert.
Looking forward to any feedback – highlights, control comments.