2011 Socialgaine

Neil Hawthorne and Warwick Selby set our Socialgaine in 2011, in Garigal NP around Middle Harbour Creek. It was a great event, with lots of interesting route choices (I think it catered well for all types of rogainers) and some nice areas to explore. I thought I knew pretty well all the tracks around Middle Harbour Creek, but clearly I was wrong!

We got some very HOT weather on Sunday (according to BOM it got to 34.5 at Terrey Hills – not much you can do about that!) and this slowed everyone’s pace a bit. In the heat the creek looked more tempting than usual, despite its murky tidal flows, and I think quite a few teams enjoyed a quick dip to cool off.

My team mate had a nasty fall about 2 hrs in and we limped back and pulled out early (glad St Johns were there with a supply of ice!), so unfortunately we didn’t get to make the most of it… therefore I’ll be doubly interested to hear what everyone else thought! Where did you go? How did you handle the heat? How did you enjoy this rogaine?

What is our balance of events like?

Here at the NSWRA committee, we are often pondering over whether we have too many shorter and/or urban events – compared to longer and more distant bush events, or whether we should even be having *more* of them, since they seem to attract larger fields.

We do have a general underlying preference for the bush events, because they get us out into the places that we wouldn’t get to go to otherwise (and the Goulburn river area was an absolutely superb example of that!) – and because there is a larger chance of seeing a wombat, but maybe we are biased…!

What do you think?