20th Lake Macquarie 6/12 hour rogaine

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this year’s Lake Macquarie event a success!  Thanks particularly to Bob Gilbert for co-ordinating, Bert van Netten, Anita Bickle, Dug Floyd, Neil Chappel, Rob and Marg Cook for course setting and vetting, and Ian Dempsey for mapping.  This group has been hard at work for many weekends to bring this event to us.  We also enjoyed lovely hash house food provided by the Cardiff Scouts, tea and damper by Sylvia Burgess, safety services from BWRS and the SES, and seamless administration by Neal and Emma McDonald and Graeme and Vicki Cooper.  If I’ve missed anyone else, thank you too!

From my perspective as a participant, it was a fun event with some nice features.  We particularly enjoyed the creek between 51, 52, 86, 85 – however I’m glad we were there in daylight, and not trying to negotiate that terrain in the dark!  Like all good Lake Macquarie rogaines, this one featured its fair share of steep and slippery slopes, lantana, lawyer vine, mud and the odd leech!  But this one also had some amazing views from the escarpment (including the tea and damper spot) and sections of really nice bush (I thought the grass trees were particularly impressive, and at this time of year there are some nice flowers starting to come out) to make up for it.  We even found a few beautiful big old eucalypts which had escaped being logged.

I hope everyone had fun, and I look forward to reading your thoughts and feedback here.