48th Paddy Pallin 6 hour

G’day rogainers,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Paddy Pallin Rogaine at Belanglo!  We were treated to some really nice weather (though it could have been a bit warmer at the finish!) and it sounds like most people had fun out there.  I saw plenty of smiling faces at the finish.  We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and feedback about the event, or you can use this space to swap stories with other teams, or however you like – but keep it clean and related to rogaining – thanks 🙂

Thanks again to all the volunteers (you can find all their names listed on the volunteer page), plus State Forests and other landholders, our sponsor Paddy Pallin, caterers 1st Waitara Scouts, safety crew BWRS and new event adminstrators Emma and Neal!