Congratulations to Competitors, Organisers, & Supporters!
The World Rogaining Championships have been run and won! Overall champions were Dennis de Monch & Chris Forne of New Zealand. The sport of rogaining was, of course, also the winner on the day. Well done to ALL competitors, organisers and supporters. For all the latest post-event news check out the WRC Wrap-Up on the menu to the left.


World Rogaining Championships The Event of the World!
The World Rogaining Championships is a classic rogaine of 24 hours duration. It is the ultimate challenge in navigation and endurance sports.









Where in the World?
The rogaine was held in and around the Warrumbungle Mountains within the Warrumbungle National Park and adjacent farm land. The nearest town to that area is Coonabarabran, 36 kilometers to the east of Warrumbungle National Park


When in the World?
The rogaine started at 12:00, Friday the 13th of October 2006 and concluded at 12:00 on Saturday the 14th of October 2006. October was the middle of spring in Australia. Conditions were 'warm'.


World Rogaining Championships Some thanks in regards to the Website!
A huge thank you to the good people at for helping us with the huge Internet distribution challenge we have enjoyed, as well as to Bendigo Orienteers for the same reason.


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