Teamlist - Berowra Bewilderness

Team list as at  Tuesday, 20 November 2018
  Total entrants 422 Click here for category legend.
Team Number Team Name Members Category Family Novice Course
1 All who wander are not lost Lindsay Young, Judy Young XSV 8 hour event
2 Bear Gyrlls Virginia Leadbitter, Belinda Catorall, Monica Matisan, Leanne Hartley W 8 hour event
3 Carley and James James Collier, Carley Finn XV 8 hour event
4 Two old dudes Warwick Selby, Gordon Wilson MUV 8 hour event
5 Vonhubens Mark Vonhuben, Amy Vonhuben, Carl Vonhuben X Yes 8 hour event
6 Bushbashers James Stuart, Vicki Bennett XV 4 hour event
7 Outdoor Academy Wayne Benton, Ryan Puklowski M 4 hour event
8 Aged to Perfection Kevin Jardine, Cathy Whiteman, Mandy Templeton, Richard Wilford XV 4 hour event
9 Just for Fun Martin Dearnley, Robyn Dearnley, Tom Simpson XSV 4 hour event
10 Tanpete Pete Richardson, Tanya Clark, Kate Campbell, Kathryn Gilbert, Mark Spittal XV 8 hour event
11 Antiques Roadshow Alexander Cameron, Michael Minehan MSV 8 hour event
12 CMWW Margaret Waugh, Robyn Nutley, Gail Phillips WSV 4 hour event
13 Ultimate Force Jonathan Darcy, Rebecca Darcy X 8 hour event
14 Duerden Family Jemma Duerden, Andrew Duerden X Yes 8 hour event
15 Strudel Jurgen Spangl, Karin Mundsperger, Maya Spangl, Anuuk Spangl X Yes 8 hour event
16 Sal & Derreck Sandra Thomas, Phil Harding XV 8 hour event
17 The Away Team Emile Altmann, Sally Quill, Max Altmann X Yes 4 hour event
18 The dogged walkers Melissa Grant, Penny Gield WSV 4 hour event
19 Gasmen Jason Hollard, Andrew Powell MV 8 hour event
20 Dalton John Dalton, Michael Dalton, Alison Dalton X Yes 4 hour event
21 Kamikaze Geoffrey Barnes, Philip Mann, Victor Goodge MV 8 hour event
22 Um Rick Cavicchioli, Xanda Kolesnikow M 8 hour event
23 THE WESTERN ROVERS Phill Yates, Paul Maher, Rick Pinnock, Ron Avery, Peter Formby MV 8 hour event
24 La Boussole Laurent Billot, Aurelien Penneman M 8 hour event
25 Team Newey Benjamin Newey, Vanessa Newey, Oliver Newey, Emily Newey, Imogen Newey X Yes 4 hour event
26 Steve and Alvin Craig Stephen Craig, Alvin Craig M Yes 4 hour event
27 Litte Ravens John Havranek, Jack Havranek M Yes 8 hour event
28 Team Carroll Alexander Carroll, Nicholas Carroll M Yes Yes 8 hour event
29 BE-fuddled, BE-wildered & BE-mused Ted Woodley, Mike Ward M 8 hour event
30 Handinhand John Anderson, Kath Anderson XUV 8 hour event
31 The grey nomads Dale Thompson, Stefica Keys WSV 8 hour event
32 Le Chippies Pete Le Carpentier, Chippy Le Carpentier M 8 hour event
33 Sam & Cath Samantha Howe, Catherine King W 4 hour event
34 It's just Creeks, Stones, and Hills Johnny Petersen, Michael Roylance M 4 hour event
35 Beauties and the Bush Stacey Bryce, Judy Murray, Linda Salway, Deb Dickson WSV 8 hour event
36 Cocorico Roman Charles, Adele Bouquerel X 8 hour event
37 The Hills Shire Outlaws Richard White, Grant Simms, David Collyer, Tim Randall, Varun Mathew M 8 hour event
38 Almonds Ian Almond, Jennifer Almond, Alison Almond, Jessica Almond X 4 hour event
39 The Hills Shire Ramblers  Danielle Boulton, Stacy Duggan, Gary Kirkland, Julie Aspinall X Yes 8 hour event
40 1 Fast 1 Furious Ellise Roper, Henry Williams X 8 hour event
41 Cannibal & Lunch Melissa Robertson, Kirrily Dear W 8 hour event
42 Wicking through the Marshes Andrew Renwick, Peter Marshman M 8 hour event
43 CappuccinoRogainers Lara D'Abreo, Betty Chen WV 4 hour event
44 Try-hards Paul Cullen, Simone Noel, Peter Cullen XV 4 hour event
45 Westleigh Cretins Liam Cullen, Karen Cullen, Rose Cullen, Eve Cullen, Ben Cullen X Yes Yes 4 hour event
46 Emus Michael Cullen, Cecilia Cullen, Sean Cullen X Yes 4 hour event
47 R & R Rolf Poole, Rachel Kempers XV 4 hour event
48 Matryoshki Natalya Filippova, Elena Skorokhodova W 4 hour event
49 Traces of Nuts Az Roberts, Luke Nuttall M 8 hour event
50 Jesabell Robert Montgomery, Tracy Phillips XV 8 hour event
51 Mackattack Shane Mackley, Jacqui Mackley XV Yes 4 hour event
52 Trophy Wives Nicole Sellin, Sharyn Robins WV 8 hour event
53 Monty girls just wanna have fun Ann Montgomery, Pam Montgomery WV 8 hour event
54 Run amock Ciollen Mock, Colin Mock XUV 8 hour event
55 Cremorne Two Stephanie Manning, Douglas Stead XV 4 hour event
56 Keep moving - nothing to see. Melanie Tarantik, Stephen Face, Tim Cochrane, Nicola Tsang, Keith Nkazana X 8 hour event
57 Hornsby Septarians Phillip Titterton, Eric Smith MUV 4 hour event
58 Two Old Friends Graeme Hill, Anne Newman XSV 8 hour event
59 CK Susan Kurrle, Ian Cameron X 4 hour event
60 Wolfie Allan Ramsay, Michael Ramsay, Mackenzie Eyles X Yes 4 hour event
61 Screaming Gulpers Kylie Montgomery, Kaden Montgomery X Yes 8 hour event
62 Sydney Bush Wallies Mark Wigley, Huw Ap Rees, Dale Baker, Nathalie Jones, Deborah Baker X Yes 4 hour event
63 Pre-Emptively Lost Sean O'Grady, Jemma Herbert X Yes 8 hour event
64 Three newbies getting their 1sr rogaining shot Pierre Francois, Adeline Fourcot, Yann Brochet, Cedric Jannin X 4 hour event
65 Teen in charge Katherine Cameron, Isabelle Cameron W Yes 4 hour event
66 ADA Kevin Filan, Aimee Filan X Yes 4 hour event
67 Super Noobs Andrew Barson, Nick Trebeck, Jeff Luland M Yes 4 hour event
68 Wandering Sneezers Susanna Seton, Jill Miller WSV 4 hour event
69 Cho Cho San Sihai Hou, Einion Thomas XV 4 hour event
70 Francis Chris Francis, Steph Francis X Yes 4 hour event
71 Berowra Blitzers not Blisters Ian Dempsey, Graeme Taplin MSV 4 hour event
72 Limoncellos Robyn Walker, Kathy Anderson, Sueellen Faulkner, George Mierau WSV 8 hour event
73 The Singing Bones Karen Jameyson, Anne Minogue WSV 4 hour event
74 Berowra, Beerowra, Beer ... Glenn Downey, David Turner MV 4 hour event
75 M&R Robin Cameron, Marie Doke WV 8 hour event
76 Primal endurance Glenn Disalvia, Gen Nawrot X 8 hour event
77 Ridgy Didge Rockhoppers Colleen Hattam, Gordon Reynolds, Clay Bremner XSV 4 hour event
78 Squeamish Ossifrages Mike Hotchkis, Jonathan Worswick MSV 8 hour event
79 Cuzs Lynda Hewson, Katy Bruck WSV 4 hour event
80 MoonBootScooters Thais Turner, Rebecca Parsons, Barbara Jacquemin WV 4 hour event
81 Ready Set Rogaine Kim Eales, Nick Eales XV 8 hour event
82 Dunloping Stephen Dunlop, Robyn Dunlop X 4 hour event
83 10 points to Gryffindor! Siobhan Tobin, Hilly Salmon Krone, Claudia Burbidge, Helen Maynard-Casely, Andy Casely X 4 hour event
84 Pain in the Rogaine Stephen Litsas, Rohan Punj, Jakki Artus, Karl Bicevskis, Ciaran Lynch X 8 hour event
85 Andrew&Richard Richard Connors MV 8 hour event
86 Sometimes Lost Shelly Bambrook, Myall Quint, Lisa Antill X 8 hour event
87 Afwits Jackson Butler, Amanda Kinson, Andrew Cutler X 8 hour event
88 Green Eggs & Lamb David Green, Sharon Lambert XV 4 hour event
89 DragonRiders David Lattimore, Freya Lattimore, Tim Briers, Evelyn Briers X Yes 4 hour event
90 Well Routed Revolutionaries Peter Morrison, Paul Toomey, Roger Mail MV 4 hour event
91 Div X Suzanne Ashley, Benedict Armitage X 8 hour event
92 Team GEL Louise Gee, Steve Purnell X Yes 4 hour event
93 Wacketts Walking Emma Vaseo, Noah Wackett, Eddie Wackett X Yes 4 hour event
94 Bush Ragers Peter Hopper, Tshinta Hopper X Yes 4 hour event
95 Bush Turkeys Colin Burnett, Dianne Bergen, Karla Burnett, Tom Bergen X 4 hour event
96 Brayzen and bold David Bray, Isaac Bray M Yes 4 hour event
97 TreeGermans Julius Feldmann, Maximilian Wilson M23 4 hour event
98 Ber-ouch-ra  Harry Slatyer, Tony Slatyer M 8 hour event
99 The Steppers Amy Atkins, Daniel Atkins X 4 hour event
100 The Rog Stars Andy Macqueen, Liz Macqueen, Caleb Jones, Zac Jones X Yes 4 hour event
101 BRIAN AND IVAN Ivan Koudashev, Brian Brannigan M 8 hour event
102 AndrewRichard Richard Connors, Andrew Palmisano MV 8 hour event
103 The Slogging Platypuses John Bulman, Chris Frain MV 4 hour event
104 Disorienteers Grace Mackie, Amanda Mackie W 4 hour event
105 The Outsiders Alison Lyon, Andrew Mcrae XV 8 hour event
106 The Diametrics Charles Bowden, Paul Monaghan MSV 8 hour event
107 The Consensus Helen Hindin, Leah Taylor WSV 8 hour event
108 Jesse and coco Liam Cutler, Rod Cutler M Yes 4 hour event
109 Ann&Glen Glen Orchard, Ann Pearson, Aidan Pearson X Yes 8 hour event
110 Team Giles Tim Giles, Ingrid Giles X 4 hour event
111 Those Weird Cousins Frances Zewe, Alex De Graaf X Yes 8 hour event
112 The PRAMgainers Michael Thomson, Marika Thomson, Andrew Thomson X Yes 4 hour event
113 Brad and Jack Brad Vallette, Jack Brand M 4 hour event
114 Heisenberg Hikers Meela Davis, Ray Elbourne X 4 hour event
115 Farty Pants Brett Tarlinton, Jess Tarlinton XV Yes Yes 4 hour event
116 The Nicks Nicole Darcy, Nick Stoboi X 4 hour event
117 Mardi and John aren't creative Mardi Barnes, John Barnes XV 8 hour event
118 Rogaine in the Pain Alex Kobler M 8 hour event
119 Love Your Contours  Emily Rowbotham, Max Messenger X 8 hour event
120 Traces of Nuts & Lyons Melissa Nuttall, Pippa Lyon W Yes 4 hour event
121 Team Happy Fun Sparkle Awesome Go Team Alon Brasington M 4 hour event
122 Three Ugly Mugs Bart Vonhoff, Andrew Brown, Richard Mountstephens M 8 hour event
123 Dropbear Clan Nathan Kulinitsch, Emma Kulinitsch, Alexander Kulinitsch, Ashton Kulinitsch X Yes 4 hour event
124 RaskoMack Hamish Mackie, Darko Raskovic MV 4 hour event
125 ULOSt Paul Russell, Peter Smith MV Yes 4 hour event
126 Claudios Claudio Counoupas, Claudio Toma, Diana Yanez X 4 hour event
127 Joey's Angels Stephen Darby, Christine Darby, Joanna Darby, Angela Darby X Yes 4 hour event
128 Just West of the middle of nowhere  Greg Malmgren, Steve Mudford MV 8 hour event
129 Pouldark Parissa Poulis, Jeffrey Darwin XUV 4 hour event
130 Port Mac Alex Kroon, Aneeka Brownsberger, Stefan Poppitz, Barbara Varcoe, Chris Varcoe X Yes 4 hour event
131 Last minute Adrian Plaskitt, Jon Sayers MV 8 hour event
132 Old Ladies Walking Club Belinda Kenny, Jen Starling WV 8 hour event
133 Woodside Wanderers Andrew Lumsden, Debbie Byers XSV 8 hour event
134 THE TOPOGRAPHICS Phill Yates, Rick Pinnock, Paul Maher, Ron Avery, Peter Formby MV 8 hour event
135 Baulko Cheetahs Locky Sheather, Mia Sheather X Yes 4 hour event
136 The Hornets Andrew Bridger, Neil Bridger M Yes 4 hour event
137 Bushwalking bros bravely battle bunyips by Berowra Chris Stevenson, John Clancy MSV 4 hour event
138 Schwarzbrot  Crystal Pettit, Jesse Morley X 8 hour event
139 Club Bush Mathew Agius, Limei Zhong, Ed Olivier X 8 hour event
140 Arctic Turtles Stephan Dahl, Jacqueline Dahl XSV Yes 4 hour event
141 Sarto Rogainers Luke Massa, Nick Ward, Chris Bendall MJ Yes 4 hour event
142 Massattack Nick Ward, Naomi Massa, Rachel Massa X Yes 4 hour event
143 Baby Arctic Turtles Marcus Dahl, Nicholas Dahl, Claire Fitzgerald X23 4 hour event
144 Minoxidil Dave Pettit, Amaranta Pettit, Daniela Pettit X Yes 8 hour event
145 The Lamar Valley Canyon Pack Amey Brown, Lee Cumpstone W 4 hour event
146 The cheeky lobsters Claudio Counoupas, Diana Yanez, Claudio Toma X 4 hour event
147 The Soggy Weetbix Dana Pascovici, Richard Stone, Christiana Stone, Andrew Stone X Yes 8 hour event
148 Doneski Andrew Wisniewski, Saacha Donaldson XV 4 hour event
149 Lost in translation Therese Walsh, Amelia Walsh, Cameron Walsh X Yes 4 hour event
150 I Can't Remember Martin Smith, Fergus Dixon MV 4 hour event
151 Reds ahead Daniel Livingston, Justin Stafford M 4 hour event
152 Rake Rogaines Great Again Monica Wong, Clinton Bradley, Yoshi Usami X 4 hour event
153 Innominata Sue Hallstone, Mark Thieben, Danny Rosenbaum XV 4 hour event
154 King Robert King, David King, Jenny King X Yes 8 hour event
155 Noble's Tess Noble, Malcolm Noble X 8 hour event
156 Two heads full of hair Nicole Mealing, Emmanuelle Convert W 8 hour event
157 Tropic Thunder Mark Papoulias, Rebecca Noble, Lauren Booth W 4 hour event
158 GFC Azhar Khan, Ling Du M 8 hour event
159 The Llamas Pajamas  Diarmait Surmon, Emily Spalding, Craig Pemberton X Yes 8 hour event
160 Mountain crawlers Ian Teh, Jamie Teh M Yes 8 hour event
161 Remains of the Cheese Tim Keighley, Laura Watts X 4 hour event
162 Danish Dave's Cafe Crawler Crew - The Flaky Tarts David Williams, Christine Vibet, Su Li Sin, Brent Roylance X 8 hour event
163 Up Rebowra Creek Ben Itzstein, Ronnie Taib M 8 hour event
164 123ABC Svetlana Koudasheva, Olga Koudasheva W Yes 8 hour event
165 Jack and Jude Jude Hutchings, Jacqueline Fitzgerald X Yes 4 hour event