Final Team List - Paddy Pallin 2017

Team list as at  Tuesday, 13 June 2017
  Total entrants 462 Click here for category legend.
Team Number Team Name Members Category Family Novice Course
1 Lost Control Andrew Smith, Antoniya Bachvarova XV 6 hour event
2 Um Rick Cavicchioli, Xanda Kolesnikow M Yes 6 hour event
3 We're rogaining on you! Tam Kahn, David Kahn, Evan Sieff, Amy Stashynsky X 6 hour event
4 Misty Mountain Madness Kate Wingrove, Matt Ryan, Gemma Ryan, Nicola Ryan X Yes 6 hour event
5 Nashs Laurie Nash, Kris Nash XSV 6 hour event
6 I be pro fun for all Carl Davison, Chris Stevenson MV 6 hour event
7 Carley and James James Collier, Carley Finn XV 6 hour event
8 Bert Bert Van Netten, Kim Van Netten X 6 hour event
9 Bushbashers James Stuart, Vicki Bennett XV 6 hour event
11 P & C Cathie Bradstreet, Peter Morrison XV 6 hour event
12  BAZINGA Lou Brancato, Melissa Brancato, Jared Brancato, Jai Brancato X Yes 6 hour event
13 Andrew is brave John Barnes, Mardi Barnes, Andrew Perry XV 6 hour event
14 Bullants Bruce Macaulay, James Hayward MSV 6 hour event
15 ASA* Centurions Melvyn Cox, David Ballance MV 6 hour event
16 Antiques Roadshow Michael Minehan, Robin Cameron XSV 6 hour event
17 Burrindacty Stephen Darby, Christine Darby, Joanna Darby, Angela Darby X Yes 6 hour event
18 Community of Believers Adrian Watson, Thomas Schipilliti, Andrew Stanford M 6 hour event
19 DAR David Green, Andrew Palmisano, Richard Connors MV 6 hour event
20 Carl Jeff Trent Trent Oliver, Jeff Ayres, Carl Mistler M 6 hour event
21 Hot Pies Susan Kurrle, Robyn Tuft WSV 6 hour event
22 Father and Son Nick Lhuede, Henry Lhuede M Yes 6 hour event
23 John n Julian n Anne Julian Ledger, John Clancy, Anne Newman XSV 6 hour event
24 Happy Birthday Liz! Tassia Kolesnikow, Liz Lette WV 6 hour event
25 Locheil Lookers Mark Freeman, Oliver Freeman M Yes 6 hour event
26 Environmental Connections Cherisse Lyons, Alyssa Bagley WV 6 hour event
27 Hoddos John Hodsdon, Val Hodsdon XUV 6 hour event
28 Gherkndave Kirsten Dudley, David Dudley XV 6 hour event
29 Little Ravens John Havranek, Jack Havranek M Yes 6 hour event
30 DUVS Colin Duvenhage, Michelle Duvenhage, Kyle Duvenhage X Yes 6 hour event
31 J&G Gill Fowler, Joel Mackay X 6 hour event
32 Explorers Angela Hudson, Nicholas Hudson X Yes 6 hour event
33 Catmat Mathew Froome, Catherine Froome XV Yes 6 hour event
34 S & T Phillip Titterton, Eric Smith MUV 6 hour event
35 My Friends Electric Kristin YOUNG, Richard Mcneall, Danny Mcneall, Ron Levy X 6 hour event
36 Team Disaster Glenn Schwarzel, Mark Schwarzel MSV 6 hour event
37 Long swamp Sandra O'neill, Julie Kasza, Graham Fahey XV 6 hour event
38 Scenics Cliff Ewing, Ron Cozijnsen MV 6 hour event
39 Puddle Jumpers Craig Mottershead, Jasmine Elson, Leo Mottershead, Violet Mottershead, Archer Mottershead X Yes 6 hour event
40 Team Hemmo Mark Hemmons, Wendy Hemmons, Jayden Hemmons, Elly Hemmons X Yes 6 hour event
41 M & M Michelle Hayward, Maria Sergeeva W Yes 6 hour event
42 Springwoods 2 Matt Tuckerman, Kevin Lloyd MV 6 hour event
43 MandC Michael Brungs, Cecilia Brungs XUV 6 hour event
44 Mount Ondrej Ondrej Pavlu, Richard Mountstephens M 6 hour event
45 Smasha and the Butt Jozef Meyer, Sacha Pulsford X23 6 hour event
46 Navigationally Challenged James Meek, Helen Carter, Kevin Tee X 6 hour event
47 Marg Rob and Martin Marg Cook, Rob Cook, Martin Dearnley XSV 6 hour event
48 Safety Seals Gerry Healy, Pei Yi Giam X 6 hour event
49 No pain and no gain Nicole Sellin, Nigel Mcdonald XV 6 hour event
50 Rubicon David Barlow, Lachlan Barlow M 6 hour event
51 Red Pong Alexander Chew, Pamela Ong X 6 hour event
52 Team BAS Anne Turner, Bob Morgan, Sue Hallstone XV 6 hour event
53 Flam Boys Gordon Jankov, Aleks Jankov M Yes 6 hour event
54 Jote Ted Booth, Jocelyn Booth XUV 6 hour event
55 The Gentlemen Rogainers David Sanders, Reddall Leslie, Peter Tuft MSV 6 hour event
56 Where's The Point? Graham Chaffey, Will Chaffey M 6 hour event
57 West West Ian Cameron, David Lyle MSV 6 hour event
58 Timann Anneke Blom, Tim Cassettari X Yes 6 hour event
59 The Royals Andrew Macqueen, Greg King MSV 6 hour event
60 TurramurraTramps Peter Tuckwell, Jenny Clark XSV 6 hour event
61 Woodchips John Le Carpentier, Ted Woodley MUV 6 hour event
62 The Lost Olivers Michael Oliver, Chris Oliver M Yes 6 hour event
63 Two hairy blokes Jim Phimister, John Renzenbrink, Charles Bowden MSV 6 hour event
64 Two of us Richard Sage, Nihal Danis XSV 6 hour event
65 The Tresure Hunterz Rod Cutler, Liam Cutler M Yes 6 hour event
66 Two older gents Warwick Selby, Gordon Wilson M 6 hour event
67 Wendy and Shanti Shanti Osborne, Wendy Emerton W 6 hour event
68 Team Slowgaine! Alexander Kobler, Stephen Litsas M 6 hour event
69 The Bartles Robert Bartle, John Guilly MUV 6 hour event
70 Normo Robert Pisto, Audrey Pisto X Yes 6 hour event
71 Matt&Jess Matthew Pisto, Jess Stillone X23 6 hour event
72 P&D Diana Charlton, Peter Charlton XV 6 hour event
73 Saremy Sara Rathborne, Jeremy Levett X Yes 6 hour event
74 Milo Hilo Martin Krause, Saxon Krause M Yes 6 hour event
75 BBC Girls Thais Turner, Rebecca Parsons WV 6 hour event
76 Barking Up The Wrong Tree Dan Brungs, Daisy Brungs X Yes Yes 6 hour event
77 Bear Gyrlls Virginia Leadbitter, Chelsea Love WV 6 hour event
78 Crispy Wiz Andrew Wisniewski, Jeremy Crisp MV 6 hour event
79 Kamikaze Geoff Barnes, Phil Mann MV 6 hour event
80 MontyReynolds Robert Montgomery, Gordon Reynolds MUV 6 hour event
81 Lynn Dabbs Lynn Dabbs, Kevin Williams XSV 6 hour event
82 Mein Machines Chris Mein, Jack Mein M Yes 6 hour event
83 Mein Girls Kate Harper, Pippa Mein, Zoe Mein W Yes 6 hour event
84 In Last Place Thomas Whitehead, Lizzy Mee XJ 6 hour event
85 FalconSt John Bishop, John Biddiscombe MUV 6 hour event
86 Supernova Jonathan Miller, Stephen Goggs MSV 6 hour event
87 PamAnnie Pam Montgomery, Ann Montgomery WV 6 hour event
88 Super Slim Marmottes David Williams, Christine Vibet, Su Li Sin, Brent Roylance X 6 hour event
89 Pallin rogainers Ian Li M23 Yes 6 hour event
90 PatandParissa Pat Miethke, Parissa Poulis WUV 6 hour event
91 Wanderlost Carolyn Panozzo, Jayne Thomas, Kate Hansen W 6 hour event
92 The Dudes Ian Teh, Jamie Teh, Gareth Debney, Liam Debney M Yes 6 hour event
93 Jason Rutkowski, Henry Rutkowski M Yes 6 hour event
94 Team O Paul Fahey, Amy Plowman, Owen Fahey X Yes 6 hour event
95 Mattie A and B Matt Blundell, Matt Acheson MV 6 hour event
96 Kevjul Julian Radom, Kevin Humphrey MV 6 hour event
97 Sue And Al Alison Curtin, Sue Mahony WV 6 hour event
98 When's lunch? Michael Smith, Lani Imhof, Simon James, Belinda James XV 6 hour event
99 Gradack David Kneeshaw, Jack Kneeshaw, Grahame Price M 6 hour event
100 Never Truly Lost Lindsay Young, Judy Young XSV 6 hour event
101 My First Rogaine Lisa Gyecsek, Brett Lansley, Lance Gyecsek X Yes 6 hour event
102 Meow Mix Selena Ledger, Nick Mealey, Luke Ledger, Peter Tippett X 6 hour event
103 180 Degree Error Jonathan Fearn, Cairan Lane M23 6 hour event
104 Ian and Paul Paul Marsh, Ian Cross MV 6 hour event
105 Elliotts Grant Elliott, Michael Eliott M 6 hour event
106 RandS Ron Hutchings, Sue Hutchings XSV 6 hour event
107 Wombatypus Graham Atkins, Rohan Hyslop MV 6 hour event
108 Ursula Hall 1 Justelle Coyle, Oscar Hatten, Fergus Little, Kevin Wee Shan Oh X23 6 hour event
109 Ursula Hall Team 4 Mathias Richter, Katherine Lee, Jed Hinds, Emily Townsend X 6 hour event
110 Ursula Hall Team 3 Rory O'donnell, Tristan Muralitharan, Samuel Thompson, Adam Cass M23 6 hour event
111 Ursula Hall Team 2 James Bailie, Tom Driscoll, Ross Deans, Claude Gibson M 6 hour event
112 Ursula Hall Team 6 Brigid Horneman-Wren, Alex Read Allan, Maddie Silvester, Pete Yeap Mun Sing X23 6 hour event
113 Ursula Hall Team 5 Henry Van Laeren, Ben Cartwright, Christina Fawns, Alex Wilson X23 6 hour event
114 Ursula Hall Team 7 Joel Baker, Callum Davis, Charlotte Maybery-Reupert, Andrew George X 6 hour event
115 Ursula Hall Team 8 Jesse Santoso, Oliver Johnson, Grace Kelly, Caitlin Mcleod X23 6 hour event
116 In Training Anna Hyslop, Liz Abbot WV 6 hour event
117 Hubris Alex Pitt, Simon Watney, Peter Williamson, Anthony Powell MV 6 hour event
118 Team Fien Sarah Fien, Mary Fien WV 6 hour event
119 Mountain Goats Keira Doherty, Thomas Banks X 6 hour event
120 Rogongs Kay Jacob, Ros Perry, John Montagner, Warren Mahoney XSV 6 hour event
121 Patandphil Philip Allen, Pat Mcpherson XUV 6 hour event
122 Nevermetbefore David Stone, Martin Ellerington, Mal Roberts MV 6 hour event
123 Hutchings and son Anthony Hutchings, Jude Hutchings M Yes 6 hour event
124 Fitzgerald fillies Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Thea Hutchings, Adelaide Hutchings X Yes 6 hour event
125 Team AJNS Nicholas Logan, Abigail Widijanto, Sean Harris, Josephine Davies X 6 hour event
126 Mulleykins Robert Mulley, Lucia Mulley, Zane Mulley X Yes 6 hour event
127 TMGs Giles Peach, Sara Arthur, Moira Peach X Yes 6 hour event
128 Mross Andreas Mross, James Mross M Yes 6 hour event
129 Team Jing Kim Chang, Rene Chang X 6 hour event
130 Tanpete Pete Richardson, Tanya Clark, Kath Gilbert, Mark Spittal, Ruby Little-Clark X 6 hour event
131 Not all Greek Peter Wherry, Concepcion Cruz, Theodora Moorhouse, Paul Wherry X 6 hour event
132 Team Spink Corey Spink, Edith Spink X Yes 6 hour event
133 StoneTheCrows Anthony Carolan, John Carolan, Matthew Carolan, Ben Carolan M Yes 6 hour event
134 The Purple Elephant An Ran Chen, Josh Bax X 6 hour event
135 PFT  Amanda Lloyd, Annie Scofield, Andrew Depree, Andy Haliday X 6 hour event
136 No Roads Matt Shields, Mark Howell MV 6 hour event
137 Armidilian Adventurers Rose Ahlefeldt, Rana Meyer W 6 hour event
138 Farmers friends Jo Risk, Les Roberts-Thomson XV 6 hour event
139 Cappuccino Rogaine AllStars Sean Hagan, Karen Hagan XV 6 hour event
140 Cols Colleen Mock, Colin Mock XUV 6 hour event
141 Its Not Important Chris Schulz, Warren Mclaren MV 6 hour event
142 Haighs Andrew Haigh, Nicole Haigh XV 6 hour event
143 Harrisons Stephen Harrison, Kitty Harrison, Gillian Harrison X 6 hour event
144 Exodus Peter Erlandsen, Alex Erlandsen M Yes 6 hour event
145 Eat Rice Tisa Ng, Jade Prentice, Anthony Hunt X Yes 6 hour event
146 Team Gill Bronwen Buhs, Ian Gill X 6 hour event
147 A team  Peter Hodgins, Sally Mclaughlin X 6 hour event
148 2nd thoughts Jock Davis, Nicola Nygh XV 6 hour event
149 Armchair Runners Thomas Bartlett, Malcolm Roberts M23 6 hour event
150 Balalaika Dmitry Stukov, Katya Stukova, Ivan Stukov X Yes 6 hour event
151 Crazy Monkeys Naomi Cameron, Ross Cameron, Bianca Luks, Matt Luks XV Yes 6 hour event
152 Eastern Bluebirds Carolyn Davies, Katie Robinson, Julie Babineau W Yes 6 hour event
153 Fiends Rob Watson, Chris Waring MSV 6 hour event
154 Gasmen Jason Hollard, Andrew Powell MV 6 hour event
155 Floating Goldfish  Tony Kelshaw, Ben Berriman, Kyle Hendry M 6 hour event
156 Dad and the lads Hugh Stodart, Jamie Stodart, Sam Stodart M Yes 6 hour event
157 Cheating on the coffee and icecream team Angela Franklin, Anthony Savage X 6 hour event
158 Charmira Mira Wawn, Harry Slatyer X 6 hour event
159 Dingle Bell Dom Pitot, Kirsten Pitot XV 6 hour event
160 E&K Emma Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan X Yes 6 hour event
161 Duerden Duo Andrew Duerden, Karen Duerden XV 6 hour event
162 Green Vallee Olivier Vallee, Jasmine Bruce, Ruben Vallee X Yes 6 hour event
163 Fantastic Fozz's George Foster, Belinda Foster, Jessica Foster, April Foster X Yes 6 hour event
164 Flame rouge one Alan Mansfield, Ingrid Mansfield W Yes 6 hour event
165 Flame rogue two Alan Mansfield, Louis Mansfield, Sophia Mansfield X Yes 6 hour event
166 Deb and Sue Deborah Hotchkis, Sue Jackson WSV 6 hour event
167 Warren2020 Melanie Stamell, Christopher Murphy, Jason Macqueen X 6 hour event
168 Wollongong Ian Almond, Bronwyn Wilson, Elissa Jervis X 6 hour event
169 Old farts Rosemary Seberry, David Bateman XV 6 hour event
170 The Mitochondrians Glenn Horrocks, Keelan Birch M 6 hour event
171 Mundakal Peter Ryan, Michael Ryan M 6 hour event
172 Super chaps Ron Brent, Grant Battersby, Tony Slatyer MSV 6 hour event
173 Maximum Adventure Gary Farebrother, Geff Harper, Richard Furlong M 6 hour event
174 Lily & Lacey Roslyn Atkins, Sonja Meiner WV 6 hour event
175 Quick Quack Martin Carolan, Isabelle Carolan, Thomas Carolan, Celeste Carolan, Cormac Carolan X Yes 6 hour event
176 Scojonek Jon Urrejola Eguren, Nekane Reta Murua, Scott Wright X 6 hour event
177 Plan B Lachlan Macdonald, Annette Macdonald XV 6 hour event
178 Ramich Rose-Anne Hawkeswood, Michelle Lefevre WV 6 hour event
179 The Wild Child Rochelle Duerden, Morgen Ely W23 6 hour event
180 TBS Greg Langton, Penny Buchan X 6 hour event
181 Toby Brody Toby Trappel, Broderick Wann M 6 hour event
182 QWERTYUIOP Ivan Koudashev, Elena Koudasheva XJ 6 hour event
183 Team Stein Jade Stein WJ Yes 6 hour event
184 Mt Kuring Gai Crows April Crough, John Crough XJ Yes 6 hour event