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2007 Paddy Pallin Picture Gallery

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Approaching the Great Western Highway

Approaching the finish

Between controls 58 & 44

Climb up to control 60

Control 36

Control 58

Control 60

Creek crossing between control 58 & 44

Hill between control 22 & 44

In the forest between 43 & 36

Looking up to peak with control 60

Marching through pine forest

Ruin on Sugarmans Hill Road

Running rogainers

Steep hill between control 46 & 58

Swollen creek crossing between control 21 & 33

The finish

The Great Western Highway

The Start 1

The Start 2

The Start 3

The Start 4

The team at control 36

Unofficial control point

View at control 58

View of creek between control 30 & 37

View of power station

Water station at control 10

Water stop at control 11