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16th Annual Lake  Macquarie Rogaine

18 August 2007

6 & 12 hour events


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Winners route from 12-h event [JPG, 130K] [JPG, 630K]

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Bob Gilbert Reports ...

WOW ! What a difference a day makes. Twenty four hours after the event, which was held in very favourable conditions, the heavens opened and the rain came bucketing down on the Watagan Mountains, about 100mm
Although the number of entries was down considerably this year those who did compete enjoyed the experience and were rewarded with a first class map (produced by Ian Dempsey), challenging courses for both novices and experienced rogainers and good food from both the T & D and Hash House.
The philosophy of the Lake Macquarie Rogaine is that it caters for all levels of ability, from the novice to the experienced competitor and allows competitors to develop skills and confidence in progressing from a 6hr event to night navigation in a 12 hr event
Thirty eight teams competed in the 12 hr event with the winning team of Scott Hamilton and Warwick Dougherty only missing 2 CP in scoring 1280 points. They were closely followed by Patrick Mickan and Martin Lefmann on 1240 points and Tyson Brooks and Malcolm Roberts third with 1170 points. An outstanding effort by the first placed women’s team of Claire Doherty and Nikki Brown, with a score of 1170 points, put them in fourth place overall.
The 6 hr winners of Paul Stein and Mat Cooper scored a very credible 900 points with Matthew Everson, Anthony Kelshaw and James Matthews in second place with 780 points and third was Joel Mackay and Jacqui Matthews with 750 points.
Although the navlight system was used and allowed results to be processed quickly an error in the setting up didn’t allow split times to be displayed ( apologies to those who like to analyse their performances with these statistics). Once this system is perfected (by the operators) I’m sure competitors will appreciate comparing and analysing their’s and other team’s performances.
An innovation this year was the introduction of a Split Challenge where teams competed for the fastest split between 2 CP. The winners of this split between CP 25 to 64 and return, was Paul Stein and Mat Cooper in 21m 03sec.
Our thanks to those teams who interrupted their course to assist members of other teams who suffered injuries. Fortunately one of our SES crews was in the vicinity and was able to organise assistance to transport the competitor to hospital for precautionary examination.
The Hash House this year was staffed by the Cardiff scouts, who normally run that now famous and popular T & D . They maintained the high standard of food and service usually provided by the junior orienteering squad who this year were responsible for the T & D. This is the first time, in the 16 yrs of the lake Macquarie Rogaine that Diane Van Netten  together with her husband Bert have not been organising the hash house. Diane is currently undergoing treatment for a health condition and I’m sure all in the rogaining fraternity would wish her all the best during this period.
Events such as this don’t happen without the support of many volunteers, many of whom sacrifice competing on the day to assist in the administration. I appreciated their efforts in allowing the event to run smoothly and efficiently from the time of registration to the presentations. Those who assisted were : Geoff & Margaret Peel, Harry & Merle Goyen, Bob Montgomery, Neil Chappell, Greg Scott, Lou & Nick Vaccari and Jim Hubbard.
Ian Dempsey was again produced a high quality map with course set by Bert Van Netten , vetted by Bob & Pam Montgomery and Andrew & Nicole Haigh.
Flag retrieval is not the most popular tasks but thanks to Robert Vincent, Stephen & Eva Thompson, Malcolm Roberts, Martin Roylance, Max Coates , Greg Rowe and Bob Montgomery for assisting in this matter. 
Our thanks also to the Cooranbong SES and Doug Floyd from the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad who act as our safety team and compile our safety report for the event.
Once again we would like to acknowledge the support of State Forest NSW and National Parks & Wildlife Services who as landowners cooperate with us in allowing this event to proceed.
Finally to Lake Macquarie City Council who support this event each year with printing, medals, various equipment, promotion and include the event as part of the Lake Macquarie Games  
Congratulations to everyone for being such keen and appreciative supporters of this event
We hope to see you again next year for the 17 Lake Macquarie Rogaine

Bob Gilbert

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