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2006 Socialgaine  -  Sunday 19 November 2006


Socialgaines are 6 hour daylight events starting at 10am.  This event was centred around Dudley, 16km to the south of Newcastle CBD.  T
The Hash House was at the Senior Citizens Hall at Dudley, a 100 year old plus place adjacent to two old pubs (from the coalmining days!) and a soccer field.  view.
The course was generally easy navigation using paths, bush tracks, beaches and suburbia. There were plenty of social localities for ice creams, tea and pastries or a quiet morning break overlooking a magnificent coastal
The Event Organiser, Rob Vincent, reports that it included some fine coastline experiences of surf, rock platform, cliff lines, ocean views, nature reserves with rainforest and banksias, old coal railway line and suburbia.

 Participants had much opportunity to traverse bushland, coastal strips and pause at small shopping villages for a cool drink, or coffee and pastry!  Part of the course includes the Great North Walk that comes all the way from Lane Cove to Newcastle.



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Rob Vincent
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Jacqui Matthews
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