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Lake Macquarie Annual Rogaine

19 August 2006

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Bob Gilbert Reports ...

The venue for this years event was in the beautiful Congewai Valley at the northern end of the Watagan National Park. We were fortunate to be able to use the “Congewai Golf Club” for the assembly, camping and hash house areas due to the cooperation of the land owner Helen Jackson.

A near record number of entries of 173 teams with 427 competitors were received for the event. At the start 76 teams in the 12 hour event and 71 teams in the 6 hour event set off in clear sunny skies although a cool breeze kept the temperature on the cool side.
For the first time in a NSW event the electronic Navlight punching system was used. Apart from a couple of minor hiccups the system worked exceptionally well with competitors very pleased with the instant print out of their results as soon as they reported in at the finish. The print out not only gave them their points but their split time for each control visited.

Congratulations to the overall winners of the 12 hour event, Martin Lefmann and Patrick Mickan with 1530 points closely followed by Duncan Sinclair and Phillip Whitten on 1520. Matt Cooper and Paul Stein on 1490 finished third.

One of the favoured teams in the 12 hour event was team 22 of Robert Vincent and Shane Trotter. After scoring 1590 points they incurred a 120 point penalty for returning 12 minutes late after having some problems with control 38. Their final score of 1470 relegated them to fourth and shows the importance of avoiding the penalty for going overtime.

The 6 hour event was won by Adam Brown, Dick Murray and Hayden Wallace with 870 points followed on 790 points by Shane Anderson, Alicson Anderson and Stuart Brown with third place going to John Anderson, David Dash and Peter Tamsett on 780 points.

Competitors were pleased with the courses and enjoyed the area which was typical of the Watagan mountains. Once again the now famous Tea and Damper, provided by the Cardiff scouts, was an outstanding hit with great views over the Cessnock area and their usual standard of delicacies for weary competitors wanting a recharge.

The course provided some challenges especially those teams who tackled the enticing controls of 70, 71, 73 group.

Once again Di Van Netten and her group of junior orienteering squad helpers were able to feed the 400 competitors with a menu that satisfied the taste buds and stomachs of all the competitors.

Special mention goes to those who helped in ensuring the event ran smoothly and successfully. Bert Van Netten not only organises the event but this year was the course setter who ably set challenging courses to suit the range of abilities of all competitors. Ian Dempsey was responsible for the production of the map and Neil Chappell for vetting some of the courses. Bob and Pam Montgomery not only helped out with vetting but also in the administration area, photographer and rescue vehicle.

The land owners Helen Jackson , Louise and Stephen Sweetman who generously allowed us the use of their property for access and assembly areas.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Lake Macquarie City Council who allow this event to be included on the Lake Macquarie Games program and assist with map production, medals and certificates for awards.

Finally to all the competitors who support this event your entry and participation allow this event to be a continuing success.

Hope to see again in 2007

Lost Property

Baseball cap – blue “Royal & Sun Alliance”
1 green gaiter
Camera – Minolta (film)

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Bert van Netten
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Bob Gilbert
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