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2005 Socialgaine Picture Gallery

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Planning a route ...

Welcoming smiles from the Admin Team hide the stress of last minute setting up.

Colleen & Colin Mock before the start.

The start

The start

Rowan Bouttell & Larry Weiss at C3 - Ruby's Café

Boatsheds near control 52

Ian Dempsey, Diane van Netten, Gerry Grimes & Bert van Netten at Boatsheds near control 52

Tony Last, Stephanie Last & Jacqui Buckett

Greg Borrowman, David Brown, John Moore at
Rainforest behind Austinmer

Phillip von Huben, Elisa Idris, Laura Eadie
Between 40 & X1 in Rainforest behind Austinmer

Alan & Lee Lowe at H6
What size are they?

Hayley, Michael & Peter Ryan at H6

Peter & Julie Gray. Jeff Horton, Ian Crakanthorpe at X3 - Brokers Nose
A view over the southern part of the course.

Kynie Evison, Sandra Kelley, Natalie Moore, Bronwyn Wood at the Finish - Team from Shoalhaven

Top scoring teams checking in with one minute to spare

Administrator Lucy encouraging a team to the finish as time runs out

The Catering Team at work

Relaxing after the event - is that person in the centre OK?