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2004 Paddy Pallin Picture Gallery 1

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These photos were contributed by Matt Ryan.

Andrew Hill & Rob Preston - open winners.

Victorious women - Sue Kurrle & Katja Richter

Mixed winners and second overall - Alina McMaster & Tom Landon-Smith

Happy super veterans - Bill Chalmers, Neil Chappell & David Lilley

Derek Williamson & Danielle
Haase - second in the novice category

Katja Richter discovering Sydney sandstone for the first time.

The line up at 7am, cold as on the dawn of a great day.

Hanging control cards.

Ah, the toilet queue.

Trevor Gollan telling all ...

Chris Stevenson's tips for families, novices and experts alike.

The start - grab your card!

Mark Coppock giving the thumbs up, followed by David Hart & Adam Hart.
Putting shoes and socks back on after a cold crossing.

Andrew Perry on his way to the first control.

Tony Garbellini & others at control 30

That way!










John Barnes stalking Mardi Beat, Andrew Perry.

Enjoying the rush home - L to R - Paul Bryan, Kristi Bryant, John Barnes & Andrew Perry

Victorian entrant - Kate O'Brien